As we journey through life, we go through tough moments that shake and disrupt our normal day to day activities. How we deal with these issues determines how our next chapter will pan out after going through the motions. Motivation, inspiration and drive all play a huge role in the well-being of every human being.

Writing to motivate, inspire and educate is a sure way to help individuals get by the rough times. So how then do we combine inspiration, motivation, and self-help with writing? By sharing stories, being a voice for those who do not have the strength to speak out, and providing tips on how someone can better themselves.

Kevin Kinge does exactly that. Through his own life experiences, he has been able to realize that you have to fight, push yourself, and have the will to get through to be where you want. He has been able to get to a place where many have not; be in tune with mind, body, and soul. He has achieved a higher level of self-understanding hence Temet Nosce, his blog which means ‘Knowing thy Self’.

He is concerned about self-improvement and motivation, but most importantly, the rising statistics of mental health disorders especially for the Kenyan youth. He had this to say;

When and how did you get into blogging?

I began blogging in September of 2019. Several things led me to start my blog, the first being my constant journaling. I have been journaling for several years now, updating my style over time to include my daily activities, targets, lessons among other things. During this time, I have a habit of reading back my old entries and I noticed how most of them inspired me and thus revealed my growth pattern. This, plus the habit of writing consistently motivated me to blog and share the same with others who might be in the same growing space. Blogging also fueled the desire for a digital diary.

The other reason was driven by my life experiences. It was a challenge to myself to break out of my comforts and fears and also the desire to shape out a new career route. It, therefore, allowed for proper positioning in life and is now my growth accelerator.

What is the inspiration behind your self-help/motivation and mental health blog?

I had gone through some tough experiences in life that shook most of the foundations in my life. I felt lost and wanted to search for a new meaning of life, and a place to belong with a drive to find my own truths. I began asking questions and reading the right books, which led me to discover a new world hidden in plain sight only visible to those searching. I discovered the truths about the powers of the mind, the importance of understanding our bodies, spirit, and the moment to moment awareness. These discoveries helped me pick myself up, get rid of limiting beliefs, and replaced them with empowering beliefs which opened new doors for me and I felt it was important that I share this with others.

I later came to realize that there are many people in my age group going through the same struggles and the troubling reports on the rise of mental health issues inspired my focus on the niche. By understanding oneself, you rise above your limitations, know your potential, replace fear and stress with faith and inspired action hence a stable and more fulfilling life and future.

What is your blogging experience thus far?

It is a very interesting experience. It has pushed me to maintain and develop many good habits from frequent reading, proper planning in regards to time management, and growth from living what I preach in my blog.

What achievements and challenges have come out from your blogging journey so far?

My achievements have been;

  1. Personal growth in the topics that I cover through reading, researching and living by them
  2. Improvement in my writing skills
  3. Expansion of my paradigm, being bold, and expanding my dreams through newfound awareness

Some challenges I have experienced include;

  1. Having good enough content for the 2 articles per week for my blog
  2. Through the nature of my work, I’m forced to write most of my articles on my phone which was a challenge in the beginning.
So you have a day job?

Yes. I am a farmer involved in the process of primary production, harvesting, and packaging to market. It’s a challenge on my blogging because of the long working hours and nature of the job but a plus in my topic areas due to lots of learning from daily experiences, observations and connecting with nature.

Where do you see your blog in 5 years?

I see my blog as a platform for driving change, a place people can visit to learn and grow, be inspired and have their lives transformed for the better. A place where readers can change from even the smallest limiting beliefs, and help them understand and see life with a new set of glasses. As Marcel Proust says “the real voyage of discovery is not in discovering new landscapes, but in having new eyes” and that’s what the blog seeks to offer to readers.

Which Kenyan blogger/s do you admire or look up to?


I have been reading his blog for several years and his creativity in writing has been inspirational. I love how his artistry works my imagination and many of the stories are very educative.

Would you encourage an aspiring blogger to pursue blogging?

Yes, I would. Blogging would help them improve on their habits especially responsibility and time management. It can be an avenue of release for many and can work as good positioning for career advancement. Blogging can also be of service to others in multiple ways depending on the nature of the blog.

What do you do for fun?

I love having some form of exercise within my week. This involves balancing between calisthenics, cycling, and yoga. I get lots of fulfillment connecting to nature in general; from enjoying sunrise and sunsets to being in tune with nature. Sometimes I travel, but most of all I love spending time with friends and family, sharing stories and having hearty laughs.

Random fun question
What’s the one superpower you wish you had and why?

I always wished I could read minds so that I could always get my way without resistance, struggles, and conflicts. Through this, you can attain much and be a success. However, with understanding the human mind, one can, to some extent, read minds because everyone’s immediate external environment is a reflection of their mind.


Catch Kevin at Temet Nosce and read your way to self-discovery and improvement. Interact with him on Facebook at Kinge Kevin or Twitter @kingekevin.


Photo provided by Kevin.