Content writing entails producing engaging content for use online. This content must be engaging, relevant and specific to a certain audience. It involves research on the particular topic/audience you are writing for and the use of keywords aimed at improving the SEO of a website. For example, if you are writing for a garage blog, your content will be more geared towards cars, fixing them, caring for them, tools and equipment and generally anything that is or takes place inside a garage. Content writing calls for a writer to be witty, smart and very creative so as to put up engaging and relevant posts.

Content writing for brands is as lucrative as it is challenging. Writing for, especially big and well-known brands is very financially rewarding and gives you the exposure you need. It is also a bit tasking to get brands to work with you and when you do, you have to adapt to writing to their voice, vision, and fashion. This voice enables these brands to connect with their audience and creates loyalty and trust.

Content writing not only resonates with the intended audience but also helps in increased brand elevation and audience retention. When a writer does an excellent job, the brand automatically gets favorable recognition as compared to before. Not only does the brand get recognition and attention from the audience, but they are also able to increase sales or promote the goods and services they offer. In turn, due to the impressive publicity, they are able to acquire more audience /customers and retain existing ones.

Consider just recently when The Magunga wrote ‘Mama Ceke’ or when Kiiru Macharia wrote ‘Are you sure?’ among many other creative writers who have penned down interesting, fun and engaging posts for brands. Such posts not only sharpen your creativity but are a catchy way to get to your audience instead of the usual advertisements that we are used to.

When embarking on the journey of brand writing, there a few things to consider;
The company/brand’s mission and vision

In all companies, there are mission and vision statements that help guide and drive all those who work there. Mission statements explain what the business is all about, its objectives, and how to achieve them. The vision statement shows what it hopes to realize in the future.

As a writer, understand the brands’ mission and vision which will enable you to get a clear understanding of the company you are writing for. This will drive you to write something in relation to their goals.  Some companies also have brand statements; this definitely plays a huge role for a writer who endeavors to write for them.

It is also important to learn and understand these statements just to see if they are in accordance with your own ethics and values. Writing for a brand that is contradictory to your own values will prove to be hard as there is nothing shared in common. If a writer does not mind controversy or writing for a controversial brand, then they should definitely go for it.

Their style/voice

Every brand has their own style on how they interact with their audience. This style is felt through how they set themselves apart through their unique writing styles. On social media, we interact on a daily basis with big brands and companies. We are able to ‘feel’ their different styles of writing and how they interact with their customers.

As a writer, it is important to study their unique style so as to maintain the company’s voice. Through proper research, you will be able to know is you should be funny or witty, serious, provocative, etc. This usually boils down to the kind of grammar to use i.e. whether it’s simple to understand to complex.

Although writing in a different persona can prove to be difficult, especially if you are writing for more than one brand, a writer has to muster each companies needs and wants to be able to write impressively.

Who their audience is, and how they engage with them

Many brands have a specific target audience, ranging from age, sex, economic background, religion, etc. They, therefore, curve their message to these specific audiences.

Writing for specific audiences also needs a lot of consideration and research. Not only must you understand the brands’ wants, but also the audiences’ wants. Once you have this figured out, then it becomes easy to write. Learning how a brand engages with its audience will help you know if they are fun and easy or more professional. This will guide you on how to write the perfect article for them.

So how do you get brands to notice you?

As a writer who wants to earn a living, you have to write strategically and intentionally. That means you have to identify brands you would like to work with and write about things that are in relation to those particular brands. To get these brands to notice you;

  • Write blog posts with related topics
  • Do reviews and rate products for brands you would want to work with
  • Ensure your blog is relevant and consistently updated
  • Make sure you have an impressive following on your sites
  • Ensure you engage with your audience and maintain that relationship

Today, many brands are turning to bloggers and influencers as the online world has become very effective for brand promotion and recognition thus increasing revenues and company growth. Consider writing for brands to also grow your own brand and ensure relevance and financial growth for your blog.