In recent years, blogging has become an essential way to communicate on the internet. Individuals are motivated for various reasons to start blogging; personal, professional and financial reasons. We all want to tell a story, to educate and to earn a living, and blogging seems like the perfect way to do so. Some of the reasons why blogging is ideal is because it helps one to grow as a writer, have discipline, have better focus and become a better thinker.

Many bloggers start out with big visions and ideas. They start up their blogs with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm only for the fire to burn out real fast. They somehow end up hitting a roadblock and their blogs end up failing. Their high expectations are quickly thwarted because blogging didn’t end up being what they had envisioned. This is largely because they did not put into account some key factors before starting their blogs.

Here are a few things to consider before starting your blog;

Patience and passion.

Blogging entails a lot of writing, editing, and research. It will, therefore, take time for things to start looking up. Understand that it will take time to grow an audience, put out information and earn an income. Passion in what you need to write is important as it keeps you focused and motivated to keep you going. A lack of passion will easily make you give up.

Create time.

If you plan to start a blog as another source of income, as a hobby or as a new thing you want to accomplish, time management is very crucial. Creating time to concentrate on your blog will make it flourish. Many bloggers fail because they simply don’t create time to run their blogs.

Know your niche

It is always advisable to understand what you are writing about. This way, you will not struggle to put up content and writing will come easy. This will give you a better understanding of who your audience is and how to target them.


You will need to be consistent in writing and putting up new material on your blog. When you grow an audience, they will expect to read on a regular basis. Lack of consistency kills the blog’s relevance and the morale of the reader.

Be creative and ready to learn.

Blogging entails a lot of learning and creativity. Lack of creativity has seen the downfall of many blogs. A blogger needs to come up with fresh ideas that will attract and keep the reader hooked. A blog that is not creative quickly loses its readers. Also, a blogger should be ready to learn on ways to grow their blog e.g. search engine optimization and analytics.

Be social.

To become a success in the blogging sphere, one has to be active on social media. This includes interacting with other bloggers so as to grow a close work relationship with them, promoting your blogs on your social media accounts so as to amass an audience, and expanding your blog’s network.

Other factors to consider include whether you want to self-host your blog or use the free hosting sites like WordPress, your blog name; something catchy and unique that will create interest, and how you intend to drive traffic to your blog.

All in all, blogging plays an integral part to millions of people online as it creates a way to connect with others, to learn, to educate and inspire and to earn an income. Despite all, be open to learning new things, develop your content and remember it will take some time to grow your brand, acquire a loyal following and eventually make money from it.

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