As a blogger, it is imperative that you are on social media. Be that may, there are some times that you are not sharing content from your blog. So what do you do to ensure that you continue engaging with your audience? Here are some post ideas to keep your audience inspired and engaged as they wait for your next big post.

  1. Ask a question to your audience. It could be something in your niche or something random. The answers you get could be your next post.
  2. Share a trick or ten.
  3. Do a contest or a giveaway post. The audience loves being appreciated. Oh, and the fact that the gifts are free.
  4. Share a meme or a comedic video. Laughter is the best medicine.
  5. Post an (ICYMI) In case you missed it post to an old blog post you did some time back.
  6. Recommend a helpful writing tool, or a useful tool in general.
  7. Do a round-up of interesting articles you have read in the course of the week.
  8. Do a quick training video of something.
  9. Write a quote to inspire your audience.
  10. Do a chat, to answer questions from your audience.
  11. Post some bloopers or behind the scene photos of your life. That is if you are comfortable with your audience knowing. Otherwise no pressure.
  12. Post an infographic on a subject close to your heart.
  13. Do a ‘day in the life of’ post
  14. Share a fun fact or a ‘did you know’ post.
  15. Thank your fans for sticking by you.

What else can you share with your audience to keep them engaged? Hit us up in the comments section.