Welcome back again to the podcast series and earlier we discussed the introduction and how to start podcasts. So now the next question is how can you earn from a podcast?

Podcasting is just another type of content creation meaning the basic factors of creating content is also considered here which help you to earn also. Like subject and content are but an example.

You need to know that some people like to consume their content via audio over other methods like text or video. Have your niche, content and produce the best podcasts then follow the following steps to start earning;

  1. Develop a unique selling proposition for potential advertisers

If you are already into content creation you know this is basically your rate card but for the newbies, this is actually growing your audience, having stats and coming up with a rate card. In short terms, we can say it is your quotation

  1. Mention your products and services

You can also sell your business to your audience or also the services you provide. Lately, business owners have shifted to content creation so as to promote their business which is effective and smart.

  1. Income from sponsorships and product mentions

Sponsorships also come in handy cause you earn and also advertising other businesses products and services

  1. Social media marketing

Your podcast following can also bring in income in terms of advertising.

  1. Getting website traffic

Website traffic attracts clients to your podcast and the higher the traffic the higher clients look for you.

  1. Search engine optimization

It is very important to name your podcast series in relation to keywords searched mostly. Also using hashtags is very important.

You can also sell your services as a consultant or podcast producer and remember earning with podcasts can only be limited by your imagination and creativity.

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