There is power in sound and that’s why today I will introduce or enlighten you on what you didn’t know about podcasts.

According to the dictionary, a podcast is a digital audio file made available on the internet for downloading to a computer or mobile device, typically as a series, new installments of which can be received by subscribes automatically.

Okay, that had me lost for a minute. I like to think a podcast is like an online radio or audio site where; as a content creator you get to put your information out there but this time in audio form.

We have covered blogs and vlogs but an introduction to podcasts opens a new window of opportunity to facilitate content creation. Don’t think about it too hard. Just look at podcasts as your blog or vlogs in an audio form.  Basically, it is turning the words and video into audio; now that’s a podcast.

Funny thing is that podcasts have been around for a while now but haven’t been really trending, especially in Africa even here in Kenya. However, in recent years,  a trend has emerged and slowly content creators are looking at it as an option.

Podcasts require basic audio tools. Basic tools like a computer or laptop, a microphone, and an audio recorder or software. They can be about anything from sport to lifestyle to music to politics etc. For example, I can decide to do a podcast version of this blog. Fun right?

So I would like to summarize the podcast process as P.I.C.U that is; Plug, Install, Create and  Upload. Stay logged as will dive more into details in discovering podcasts on our next posts but for now feel free to ask any questions or what you would like to know more about podcasts at the comment section.

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