Pictures are worth a thousand words, the saying couldn’t be truer, but how do you  capture that perfect image? Here are a few pointers to help you with that dilemma.

  1. The Popular Flat lay

Artistically arranging objects in a visually appealing way and then shooting them from above. Helping you to showcase what you have in a clear and creative way.

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  1. The popular picture of your own hands. Has become a global trend, and the wave has spread and seems not be settling anytime soon.  Image credit
  1. How to build your own photography studio. The materials for your DIY project are easily available. White board- gives the object you are taking a nice clean crisp look or a wooden tray you can place fruits for those of you who have recipes to offer, it has a nice weathered backdrop for your pictures.

A ceramic tile – are easily available you can buy them online… I mean the internet has everything you need. It gives your pictures nice visuals.

  1. Scrapbook paper– I know you have come across them from other bloggers. They are more like tangible themes that have come to life. They are just plain captivating.     Image credit

Click away for that instagrammable picture, and enjoy.

If you have more tips to create cool picture please feel free to share.

Stay bloglovin!