While the year is not too far gone, there are mistakes you should have known to avoid by now. But if you do not know what they may be, we did the honour of listing them down.

  1. Blogging is more than just writing

There is so much to do other than writing. Do not ignore other aspects that come with blogging. There are themes, how your lay out should look like, which are important to your blog.

  1. You need to be famous before you tell your audience about your blog

Do not despise the power of humble beginnings, you do not need a large following. Plus you won’t have a buzz when you keep it away from people.

  1. That you need to be perfect

Working a month and over just to have that perfect post. Please you need to stop. There is nothing like perfection just an illusion. All that you need is a huge dose of realness, that’s all you need to gain traffic. That’s what readers are looking for.

  1. That it is the audience’s job to look for you

Now that’s where you go wrong, thinking that readers will look for you. Instead a good post, should market itself. Next time, write content that should be able to promote itself, thus build an audience for itself.

  1. There is no over-night stardom

The behind the scenes story is much greater than what people see on the surface. What will be seen, not always compare to the struggle behind the big picture everyone sees. It’s just the icing on the cake.  Do not give up, the fruits will eventually come, but after a while.

  1. That it’s about you

In as much it’s your online journal, your audience play a vital role in creating traffic. Write about what they want more and a little less of you.  It’s more of a community, rather than a watch tower out in the middle of the sea. This is your creative space to collaborate and network.

With that said and waiting to be done, your blogging journey should be on the right path.