Adding a personal touch to your blog gives  a nice intimate feel. It’s like having landmarks in your work that are visible to everyone. They are like those popular tourists sites. Their imagery just sticks in someone’s mind.

Having a Personal Signature

It helps your brand’s image stick to those who come across your work. It helps to bring that personal touch to life in your work. Bringing out perfectly that creative side that your writing may not show and paints a picture of the person behind it.

You can use your own handwriting to create a signature, how cool is that. By simply using an iPad you can bring a handwritten signature to life. Of course not forgetting those without an iPad you can simply jot down your signature on a white piece of paper, take a picture and then edit. You can use the PS Express app to achieve that. Technology couldn’t be better than this.

Use creative fonts– they are plenty for a reason so play around them.  Choose the smallest sizes so that the signature can fit at the bottom of your post  to avoid unnecessary editing. Sites such as WordPress require you to add them at the bottom of each post. As for Wix its easy all you need to do is click on the image and apply easy peasy. Blogger can make the  signature appear automatically in your posts  by uploading the image to a free image host such as and providing  link  options for your uploaded image, you only need to copy the direct link and your good to go. This step by step guides will show you exactly how.

How to add an amazing pattern

Patterns are a fun way to add charm to your blog they have that effect of making people pay attention to what you want them not to miss. Moreover the right pattern should  complement your work.  Pretty Textures Kit and Floriana are just some of the few sites that offer great patterns.

Patterns help to create that warm mood for your site plus there are patterns to complement different moods according to the nature of your blog. There is no excuse to not having one, if having a nice touch is your thing.

They help to highlight information that is vital such as your social media handles, logo they make it hard to miss. If you have a banner they help capture what is on the banner and your readers won’t miss it. They are just one way to add style to your work.

Do not wait  any longer to add that personal touch to your blogs, colour your stories away!

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