Picture going to a restaurant, you are on a budget but the menu does not have a price list. How awkward and confusing like how does that even work. That’s why your blog needs an about (you) page.  

Talk about a bit of yourself, name, what you’re passionate about, such sweet stuff. What you will be providing for them is creative storytelling, photography fashion etc. You can opt to provide your picture to put a face of the blog owner. You should always update your page regularly whenever you get new inspiration.

Write why you are here and what you do for your audience. Explaining what you will be doing that will be useful to them, for instance if you will be providing skin care tips how to protect your skin with organic products.

This is the platform where you showcase your personality, be creative and true to who you are. You bring out who your blog is for skincare enthusiasts, families. It provides a map of what you have in store. Focus on your niche and be great at it.

What is in your bio? Here you pitch to your potential readers on why they should read your blog, what they will get from your posts and what you write about. You have to make them buy your pitch.

Feel free to share one of your most incredible work that you have written, to help you drive your point home. Through this they are able to connect you as a writer and your personality. You can go ahead and add a few reasons why they should read your blog. Be convincing but fun to let them want to stick around for more of the action you have to offer them.

As far as the about me page goes, you now have the tools to help you write an awesome page. You can refer to more ideas from our archives.

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