Are your headlines bland and unattractive? That people don’t click on your posts, here is what you need to do to make your headline a seller.

A headline should align with your audience, not only will you have readers but also they will share your work with others. You should leave some curiosity to the reader to try and figure out what you’re trying to communicate, people want easy tips and hacks that most people don’t know. Adding superlatives to your work just does the trick e.g. “9 ways to…” compared to “9 super easy ways…” see the difference.

Add big numbers whenever you can, statistics attract readership. Be controversial – e.g. this is why being  vegan isn’t completely healthy, but make sure you are able to back your statement with facts.

There are different types of headlines:    

“How to” – how to care for your dry skin. It’s an added plus to those who are teaching something because it never gets old.

“The list” – it’s straight to the point – 7 super easy ways to gain weight. They are quite popular among blog audiences.

“The question headline”Can you really lose 10kgs in one month? It intrigues the mind if what you are talking about is possible and how it can be achieved.

“The emotional headline” – How to know if you are in love with your partner. If a reader relates to you, they will click to find out more.

“The reason why” – 7 reasons why detox is good for your body. You should state accurate facts with such headlines and able to back up your work.

“The lessons learned headline” – they capture our attention since we trust real-world experiences, as we relate better through experiences from our own lives or through others.

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P.S. Click bait exists for a reason, they work! Its only click bait when the content doesn’t do justice for the headline.