It is every blogger’s dream to have traffic for their posts, in order to have this there are things you have to do and do them religiously.

Write about what your audience is requesting for

The sole purpose for one having a blog is to share what you have with an audience thus it must be ready to listen to their requests and address what they crave to learn from you. This will help to keep your old readers as you grow your blog as well.

Keep it short!

Yes! People don’t want to spend their entire coffee break, reading one blog. They want a blog that is short and interesting. Not a novel.

Being personal

Established bloggers will tell you that being true to yourself has helped them in growing their blog. Since you get to be authentic in your work, this authenticity flows to your work and there is nothing better than originality. Stick to who you are because you are your own original brand.

A catchy headline is key

It only takes a few seconds for one to decide if they should click on to someone’s site or skip it to one that seems to have an oozing feeling to their grammatical feelers. It also makes your readers share your work with others.

Formatting your post for high readability

Online readers lose interest very easily, they will just skim through the content just to get the gist of the post. In order to avoid this, you should: write short sentences, have short paragraphs, and insert images to break up the texts and not forgetting having a large font.

Start your intro with a question

It makes the reader envision their life, they may nod in agreement to the question you are posing. As a result, they are likely to read the following sentence which is what you want.


P.s – your headline is what will initially bring in the traffic and the words you use will keep them reading your post.