Blogging is a favorite hobby to many, and the good news one can turn their hobby to a business. Here are a few pointers that you can use to monetize your blog.

Writing sponsored posts.

As your blog continues to grow one, you will get requests from different companies to partner with them and write posts that’s related to their product. Make sure the post is interesting to your audience do not use a threatening tone as you address the product.

Product reviews.

It’s become very common especially by video bloggers where they give their honest reviews concerning a particular product or service. It’s a good way to get products for free or  at discounted prices compared to their market price. Your readers will not shy away from trying out the products since you share a close connection with, hence they trust your opinion.  

Consultancy and coaching services.

This is an impeccable of sharpening your skills and knowledge while sharing it with others on a niche market that you are passionate about. Charge for every phone call, email or video chat that you have where you share your knowledge  with others who did not know. Coaching is similar to consultancy the difference is that you offer your know-how on face to face meetings.

Selling ad spaces.

I am sure you have seen ads popping on your fave bloggers posts. Be it either banners or advertisements the difference is that an advert will keep changing while a banner is like a billboard.

Merchandise shop.

It’s a convenient way for your readers to shop for products that you have partnered with from your blog posts. It’s easy and fast and makes you easy cash!

What are you waiting for start making good money from your blog and thank me later. Here are more resources on how to make money online. 

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