careers in writing blogsIt’s a great time to be a writer. The resources are more accessible than ever, both for research and publishing. Everything available in an instant, anywhere. It’s so easy it hurts a little. Most of you never had to deal with stenography like the rest of us. But I’m excited about the convenience that comes with these new technologies. Can’t complain.

(Unlike millenials, amirite? Haha bring back Walker Texas Ranger)


There are many careers in writing beyond the usual columnist/novelist/freelancing with the hopes of going platinum on Upwork/monetizing your personal website. If you’ve ever wondered how else to leverage your talent and convert that passion into something your landlord can be very proud of, consider the following paths:

1. Editor

It’s often said that good writers make good editors.

We all know what an editor is, right?


If you choose this path, never forget to keep writing, even if it’s just for yourself. This keeps your own skill sharp and maintains your own performance of editorial duties.

2. Copywriter

These are people who write mostly for advertisements. You ever seen Mad Men? This is Mad Men, hopefully with less misogyny and cigarette smoke. Basically, you write catchy product descriptions. It’s really satisfying to convince people from different demographics to buy your product using the same copy. Ugh. It’s better than the crack. Trust me, I know.

(But I know so you don’t have to. Stay safe. I love you.)

3. Social media manager

In this the year of Kinyanjui Kombani, we should all know how important social media is. I know we’ve all seen what happens when its importance is downplayed. We’re all adults on Twitter here. Gone are the days where it’s just some befuddled intern on a phone. Now, if you don’t have a department set up to run your social media, or, at the very least one dedicated employee, wyd?


Social media managers, especially for Twitter are especially in need of skill because you need to be able to get the absolute best out there in a limited amount of characters. They also need to be able to engage the public in a way that solves any potential problems amicably and respectfully. If you’ve been on the internet lately, you can definitely see why being able to resolve issues on there “amicably and respectfully” is a special skill.

4. Biographer

This one involves writing the account of the life of someone that is not yourself. This could be particularly interesting for people who pride themselves on being good at people-watching; blending into the background and soaking up as much information as you can. It’s actually good for objective life stories, which we are in severe need of.

5. Ghostwriter

Nothing was the same since the scorpion listened when I told him to take care of himself and to pursue more life. His health was previously so far gone and it seemed hopeless, but now it’s looking good. To all of his enemies conspiring: if you’re reading this, it’s too late. He’s here to stay. Said he might come by to thank me later. Let’s hope it goes well.


Honorable mentions: script-writing and speech writing.

If you’re a writer looking to capitalize on your skill, look into the above. If you’re an employer, call a writer you know/admire if you have a slot open that they can fill, and make sure to compensate them, of course. We’ve all seen what happens if you don’t. We’re all on Twitter here.

Did we miss any profession? Are you a writer working in any of the above positions? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter for all the latest.


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