Blogging entails personal experiences, views concerning different topics such as lifestyle, health, parenting and so much more.  Each day it is becoming popular due to the growth of the digital era where information is online and paper is being used less. So, how has blogging inspired lives? Let’s look at some of the avenues:


Blogging has created avenues for inspiring writers with a knack to exercise their creative juices offers a platform where they can share their thoughts and experiences  with their readers. There is a therapeutic feeling one gets when you sit down to peruse a good book or blog post. Blogging does that for you.

Employment opportunity

Blogging has employed a lot of people through endorsements from different brands. People are now blogging full time, as opposed to before where blogging had to be subsidized by other hustles. Bloggers have also ventured into influencer marketing. They mainly  create awareness to their audiences about a particular brand.

Bloggers whose platforms have grown have also employed other people to write in their platforms, therefore promoting entrepreneurial culture.

Encouraged niche writing

Blogging has promoted  niche writing in that people write what they are most knowledgeable in. It has also turned hobbies into something lucrative. For example people who cook come up with recipes which they can share. Same goes for other subjects such as health, travelling and environmental writing. Niche bloggers end up becoming opinion leaders and experts in that particular subject.

The flip side…

Blogging requires however a thick skin, as one is susceptible to trolls and cyber bullying. No matter what you do, there are always people who see the negative aspect. Cyber bullying may eventually lead to diseases such as depression and worst case scenario people committing suicide.

Sometimes there is information explosion which is hard to control since there are many writers talking about different topics, there are a lot of rumours and gossip. Before you write about anything, ensure you have done your research, so as to avoid misleading people. Also, ensure that you don’t plagiarize other people’s work. Always ask permission and credit the person whose work you use.

Blogging starter pack is just a computer and internet. Always be real with your audience. That is how you are going to keep them. Once you start blogging, don’t stop.

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