Here at BAKE, we go through a lot of blogs. When we say “a lot” , we mean A LOT. Like, a whole ton. Like, our stated mission is to go through all of them. However, we’ve noticed a large number of blogs we visit are dormant, and that makes us sad. So, so sad. Writer’s block has hit hard out here. We couldn’t possibly sit idly and let this happen. Obviously. We’re here out of love for Kenyan blogs. We wouldn’t exist without you. You’re like the purple herb from Black Panther and we’re T’Challa.

It’s why today’s post is about overcoming writer’s block, so we can help all you stellar writers get your grooves back, restore the power of the BAKE Panther (haha-haha-HAHA!).

1. Look elsewhere for inspiration

If you can’t seem to find inspiration in your usual places, go outside of your comfort zone to find it. For all my introverts (and there’s so many of you, if our analytics department is doing their job right), “go outside of your comfort zone” means literally go outside. It sounds scary, but it’s really helpful. Personally, when I started writing, I hadn’t been outside since a 1999 Kalamashaka concert, but when I hit a lull in my creative process, I stepped out into the world again and I have been cranking out inspired posts since. Trust me, it’s worth it.

Just remember to be alert to your surroundings, since I know you’ll be outside with earphones on. How do I know that?  Because I am you!

Stay safe.

2. Take requests

Sometimes you could have an idea in mind that’s been done a million times before by other people. In times like this, be like a deejay at a club. Ask your audience to tell you what to write. Invite them to give you requests. Maybe they’d want you to talk about something specific but with your own twist, your own twist being the reason why they are readers of your blog. Think of yourself as DJ Joe Mfalme, and the subject as the song Zuzu by Elani. The song itself was fine, great even, but Joe Mfalme took it to the next level with the majestic scratches he did on the remix. Be like DJ Joe Mfalme and put your own zigga-zags on your audience’s requests that they can’t get anywhere.

3. Mine yourself

Look within for inspiration. Old stories, random encounters, everything. Recount experiences. Go through everything. Everything. Yes, even that one story. Especially that one story. You’d be surprised how many people just love the most random tales (I’m looking at myself).

In the words of the man Jackson Biko, everything is a story. Going by that quote, you should definitely, at the very least, be able to find a story from your stories.

You could also revisit your old posts and give updates on them. For instance, if it was a story, you could write about developments since. You could also write about how you currently feel about them like a review of your old posts. It lets you chart your growth and is guaranteed to be eye-opening for you.

4. Write your thoughts

Go on a writing spree and release your thoughts. Put them out there. State your opinions on things that matter to you, share things you find amusing in the world.

Streams of consciousness can be very entertaining and can keep your readers going in between major posts.

5. Do blog challenges

If you can’t come up with something yourself, you could try to do blog challenges. If you haven’t seen them, they’re exactly what they sound like. You’re given a challenge and you have to go through with it on your blog. The most helpful ones are the 30-day challenges, which give you a prompt for every day of the month. To get started, do a Google image search for “30 day blog challenge” and you should be spoilt for choice.

Effective, eh?

If you’ve found these tips useful, share them with a fellow writer so we can rise together from the funk. Here are more materials on how to overcome writer’s block. Don’t forget to subscribe to BAKE and follow us on our social media pages for all the latest tips, ideas and advice.

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