Sometimes I think it’s best to have a discussion about what writing means. Is it simply putting words to paper or in our case, blog? What’s the fuel that drives you to write and what dims that light? Many writers struggle with content creation and in most cases the audience does not notice that it is a slow steady process coming up with the idea and then the execution.

Sometimes the ideas have a relay race in your brain and they are just too fast for you to catch up with. Imagine the Kenya team doing what they do best and you trying to show up. I’m not discouraging you, I’m just pointing out you will lose.

Like the runners, writing requires practice everyday and this is something I personally find challenging. Especially when it comes to making a matter relevant to your audience. Sometimes you write a beautifully piece and only after, do you notice that it is too personal and is something you will pass to your children. Si pesa tafadhal.

I spoke to a well known editor at a newspaper who said that sometimes it is the writing of some bad pieces that shapes you to write even better literary work. The more you know you suck the harder you try to work at it. I have  had those moments when I’ve written more than 1500 words, only to notice the post had no relevance. There’s no point where I can honestly say I am able to build on and come up with something that makes sense that transitions into a worthy conclusion. Period.

We fail to have these conversations with ourselves where we question our content and how can we become better at our craft.

There’s this guy that was so convincing that he sold the Eiffel tower, thrice. He managed to convince the buyers at one time that he was selling it for scrap metal and that he was the sole owner of this national treasure. Ask yourself this, if your audience had to read your post more than twice, would you be able to convince them to read it again.

Would they buy the Eiffel tower from you, thrice?

Writing is an art. It is not easy like every different genre of artist knows. It is also not one of the most prestigious if you’re looking to make crazy money. But it can be. We come back to my before asked questions. What drives you and what’s dims your light? While we are quick to confess our positive attributes, we bury out our negatives in the back with all the other bitter herbs in our gardens while it shrugs with the common Kenyan proverb ‘mtaachana tu’.

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