Sometimes we lack the right transitional way to break our paragraphs or we just don’t know when we want to. And  when is the is the best time to do so? Here are interesting techniques to introducing new paragraphs in a couple of instances on your blog:

1. When a new character comes along.
When introducing a new character, it becomes important that you bring them in at a new paragraph. It creates a sense of transition that guides your reader. This is the ideal time for your next character to come in. Without all the confusion that comes in of course. There’s that moment you need to go back and read the whole chapter just to confirm that your’e on the right track? It becomes very important to introduce your new characters on a new paragraph.

2. A new event happens.
It is very hard to write about one scene for a long period of time. Tthis can bore your reader and have them skimming ahead to an area in your post that has more ‘relevance’. Breaking the monotony of the same scene can be done by introducing a new event and placing in a different paragraph. This gives you the opportunity to bring in a new scene/event to your blog.

3. A new idea is introduced.
This is purely to avoid being random and instead of having the reader enjoying your post they end up being confused. Introduce your new idea in a different paragraph so that it breaks away from the paragraph and story that was featuring before. A new idea needs its own space to grow and mature in itself. Having it with the former part of your story makes to frustrate the reading and it disrupts the flow.

4. The setting changes.
If you have read The Hobbit, then you understand why it becomes important to introduce new scenes of your story in different paragraphs. It features at least 3 different worlds and wholly detailed different worlds and characters. You are more likely to get lost if it is not broken down into different paragraphs. This lays emphasis on the fact that should the setting change you need to guide your reader into a whole new mind frame.

5. A new person is speaking.
This could be one of the most overlooked rules to writing. Most writers fail to add conversational text to a new paragraphs and to make sure it they are standing alone. This shows the difference in the characters that are speaking especially should the conversation be a long one.

6. Time moves forwards or backwards
As I was reading Chimamanda’s Purple Hibiscus, I nearly missed this technique. She went to the extent of separating the text in different chapters as she played with the time sequence. It is truly a good read. When writing your post, you sometimes shift from one time zone to another or just simply, different times. The past and the future. Showing this graduation serves you well in moving along with your readers through your post.


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