There’s that time when you’re just about to publish your blog and you’re looking at it wondering if you’re good to go but then you really are not sure. You know that moment when you’re wearing your glasses and you start looking for them while they are firmly planted on your face? There’s always that panic that comes at you and you don’t even start to wonder why you’re looking for your glasses in HD. So a certain issue with the blog could be staring at you and you don’t notice it the whole time. Some few tips that I recommend before publishing your blog are:

Start by writing a catchy title.

This is the perfect way to have them hook, line and sinker. A catchy title lures your reader to your blog, this makes them want to read our blog should they come across it by accident. Some writers prefer short titles while others lure the reader in with a short sentence captivates.

Make sure it’s easy to read.

When writing, it is always wise, to pen something that is easily understood by the reader. Do not use too many words and also don’t get too complex.

SEO your post

When setting up your SEO its always wise to make sure its relevant to your content. This makes sure that your blog most is most likely to show up should a reader be searching for it or other related items to it. Most bloggers forget to add information to this part of their blog or simply ignore it. They assume that just because the blog post is up then the work is done.

Always end with a question or a call to action.

When sending a message everyone likes to get a response cause then why would we be so worked up about ‘kulaing’ blue ticks? One of the main aims of your blog should be, or is, to attract a following and have enough people reading or looking at your stuff. Always end with a call to action that makes the reader take on a particular action should it be; buying a product, starting a certain regime or subscribing.

Add links to other posts.

Once you have that person reading your blog and they are invested then don’t forget to add your other blog links. Oversharing is key when it comes to attracting a crowd, so why not add your other links to your blog posts and have the reader gushing over your other literary works.


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