The other day while perusing through Facebook I came across an album done by an old friend of mine that featured the natural preservation of beavers and beaver habitats to ensure that the rivers and dams did not dry up. Naturally, I would’ve ignored the post altogether because we all have that thing where we never look at a post unless it has pictures right? Of course. But then, he had created a whole album just dedicated to talking about the conservation benefits of the beavers and how we as humans did nothing much for them but reap off their efforts and infringe on their living space. This sounds a bit like children, but we love them, I’m sure.

One of the ways to draw attention to your blog could be by adding pictures and giving them captions that are direct and to the point. Under each picture he added a small description about what was going on, or what species the beaver was, or what sex had done this or that to let you fully know about what was going on. I felt roped in and invested in this Beaver project.

When you’re handling your blog why not try to add images to make your blog more interesting. This makes sure that someone who would’ve causally glazed over whatever it is you are writing is all of a sudden possessed by your image. Images should stay relevant to the cause unless yours assumes a certain random nature that man cannot comprehend. Pictures do the whole 1000 words and this, in my opinion, is a beautiful word count for your article. the perfect way to draw people in is to let them see what you saw, the beauty of an idea is in how it’s captured and delivered. In some instances, having more images than text works to your advantage, you manage to tell your story without really taking the effort to write.

Blogs that have a lot to do with fashion, food, travel, photography etc. lure the readers in with this attractive notion. Take time to position your subject be they inanimate objects, people or animals. Many a time when posting items on my Instagram page do I try to create flat-lays that capture the buyer, this has them wanting to buy your products simply because of what they see that they like. having a neat an orderly well done display might be the reason someone takes a gander at your blog and sticks to it. Clear concise images create a sense of credibility for the blogger, you’re taken more seriously if you have nice images as compared to the person with blurry, over-speckled and dim pictures. On some occasions I borrow my friend’s phone to take pictures, it’s not a crime.

Pictures sell a story or idea. I can now add that the beaver project is underway doing very well (because I decided to do a follow-up) and it’s receiving a lot of support from the community. The pictures worked!


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