A sure you have come across the term evergreen during one of your geography classes. Evergreen trees usually are green throughout the year. When it comes to content, evergreen content is one that transcends the test of time. These types of content are usually relevant, no matter how much time has passed. They have no expiring date and are everlasting. Just to make sure we are on the same page; evergreen content is NOT:

  • Statistics related to a period.
  • News articles
  • Content focused on current trends or daily events of celebrities, fashion or any trend for that matter. (Because guess what, trends change, that’s why they are trends.)

You probably have consumed evergreen content in your blog excursions or YouTube scavenging. (FYI, this blog post is evergreen content)

So, what encompasses evergreen content?

  • Topics are very precise

They don’t skirt around what if’s and what may be’s. When a reader types How to be successful in a week, they expect to get just that. But the above title is half green. One that could work well would be 20 strategies that could help you be successful in a week. Both the title and article are very precise and actionable. Besides, who doesn’t want to be successful in a week?

  • It is mostly aimed at beginners

There is a reason why newbies run to evergreen content. Most of them are looking for tips about a subject they know nothing about or get some background information about something. And do you know what the best part is? They have no idea that the content was written in the past!  They just happened to land on your post because of the keywords they typed into the search engine. An example would be, how to make Chicken Masala from scratch.

  •  Authors show authority

One of the best things about evergreen content is that it is referable, especially when you are talking about serious issues. For example, why you should vaccinate your children against polio, is a title that shows, whoever wrote it is an expert on polio or vaccination. This article would, therefore, be believable. When writing such a post, ensure that you support it using statistics.

  • The format is very easy to follow

Evergreen content should appeal to a wider audience, in that it is very interesting to read. Essays are not particularly interesting, and also most of the articles in prose form. The attention span of most readers is short. In fact, most readers just skim through. It is in your best interest to write is such a way that holds their attention, like by adding videos or infographics. Formats could be:

  1. Top lists
  2. Helping readers achieve a certain goal
  3. How-to content
  • Authors revisit the post

Over time, your content will be less popular, but the good thing about evergreen content is that it can be refreshed by adding new updates. Do not forget to share these updates on your social media platforms. It is okay to remind your social media followers about some of the coolest evergreen posts on your blog from time to time.

  • They inspire action

The people reading these kinds of posts learn something out of them. You would be surprised how many how-to posts are out there. When readers read these kinds of posts, they are usually ready to make a change because you have inspired that in them.

Always purpose to answer readers questions. If it is helpful they will recommend your post to another person. By doing that, you will have earned another loyal reader. Remember, timeless pieces are still significant in the blogging community. They establish authority and relevance.

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