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By Rading Nyamwaya

One of the best ways to capture someone’s attention on social media is to have attractive pictures. Pictures that lure the viewer into seeking more information about your blog, page, handle etc. Having attractive pictures that are well-edited means you generate a following and it also gives your page aesthetic essence. For example, if you’re trying to sell your clothing and content on your page appears disorganized then you fail to appeal to a certain crowd. The whole idea behind the business is making profits, networking and building relationships with people that also can translate into sales. People buy what they like, what they are attracted to.

This applies to all forms of business, should you be selling a product or a service. Some apps that have been used that are known to yield the best results are as follows:

  1. Snapseed








Many photographers use this app and can vouch that it is a very effective editing tool. Snapseed does not take up a lot of memory space. It offers different filters and image correcting features should you want a blurry effect or to eliminate a colour that offsets the image, the healing tool can also be used to remove that unwanted colour or object from the picture. It also gives the option of adding text to images in different fonts and designs should you want to create a poster.

For example when calling the attention of the guests to a page.

2. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom









While the name might sound complicated to most this app allows a lot of very cool edits to your images. It plays with colour, shade and contrast creating the perfect effect for any picture especially when editing pictures shot in the outdoors. It creates the perfect effects for balancing of light and regulating that exposure from the sun in your images.

The app allows you to create collages that are perfect when showing a set of pictures that are related.









This app has a whole community dedicated to it. It has most of the well-known photographers using their hashtags at the same time using it as an editing tool. The app allows you to shoot and edit short videos with clarity and save them to your profile. It also gives you the option to view other people’s work. The app is easy to use.

Editing your photos could lead to hitting your target audience and generation that traffic you need, this also allows the posting of short videos to your blog to make it more interactive.

The app, however, has been known to work better for iPhone users.

These are just some of the editing tools you can use. Do you know of any other effective editing tools?