Blogging is a growing source of self-employment for those with the awareness and right skills. BAKE’s mandate is in developing online skills in an effort to promote online content creation & free expression in Kenya. In light of this, we will be hosting several events during the year.

The training will be free for all registered BAKE Members and Ksh 1000/= for non-members. These will include;

Digital Skills Training

This is a training workshop on Blogging and Social Media. Topics to be discussed will be: Basics of Blogging & Social Media, Becoming a better blogger, Writing skills and readership, Personal Online Branding, Social Media Ethics and Understanding Copyright. Please note that this event has been postponed. We will be sending you the new date after it has been confirmed. In the meantime, kindly register, here.

Digital Security and Internet & the Law Training

Digital security will focus on Safe online while creating content online. Also, we will be including a training on Virtual Private Networks and Internet Shutdowns.

The Internet and the law part will focus on: The Legal system, Defamation, Criminal Law Process, Communication Laws, Privacy, Confidentiality, Intellectual Property, Consumer Law and Social Media Policies. This year’s event will be in Nyeri. We will let you know as more details arrive. In the meantime, kindly register, here.

Video Blogging Training:

This will be a short training on video blogging for beginners and well-established video bloggers. Some of the topics to be discussed will be editing on your smartphone and computer, setting up the best camera for vlogging, how to relax in front of the camera, understanding the YouTube platform, how to best reach the target audience with vlogs and how to do quick and simple edits plus add text. This event will happen on November 3rd 2018 at the Nailab. Kindly register, here

Be on the lookout for these and so much more, here. Kindly reach out to us if you have any queries.