Write every day

When we start a blog, most people stop because they do not form the habit of blogging. Habits form when we do them consistently. Bad habits can be replaced with good habits leading us the right road to achieving blogging success. Being a successful blogger entails discipline, but it also means having a habit to always be consistent. Blogging requires us to be more creative. Thus, we will need to develop skills to nurture blogging habits to succeed.

How can you be able to form a successful blogging habit?

Write every day

“And it occurred to me that there is no such thing as blogging. There is no such thing as a blogger. Blogging is just writing — writing using a particularly efficient type of publishing technology.” – Simon Dumenco

To be a great blogger, writing should be part of you every single day. Writing will develop your skills over time. You do not need to be a great writer; you only need to write more often to ensure your writing grows over time.

Writing every day may seem hard, but when you start it becomes easier. Pro bloggers have said writing once a week is tiring, but writing every day is much easier. We need to train our brain to write more often. The brain muscle will grow, become stronger and gets accustomed to writing every day.

Regularly publishing continent will also increase more traffic to your site. This habit will break the bad habit of procrastination.

Master your subject

“The fact of the matter is, if you can start up a local blog about the independent hip-hop scene in Seattle or the financial side of the restaurant business or the intersection of immigration and entrepreneurship, you’ve got a far better shot at becoming a leader in your field.” – Rand Fishkin.

Who are you writing for? What are you writing about? These are some of the questions you should be asking yourself as often as possible. Especially when you feel lost in your writing or have a mental block. When you master your subject, you will ask fewer questions about what you need to be writing. The mental block will easily be something of the past. Your subject, when linked to what you are passionate about, will work even better.

Ignite conversation

“I believe the term “blog” means more than an online journal. I believe a blog is a conversation. People go to blogs to read AND write, not just consume.” – Michael Arrington

Write because you want to start a conversation. It does not matter whether you are writing a creative blog or a very sensitive topic, always plan to start a conversation. You can start a conversation with an amazingly written creative writing piece. The story may be fictional, but it will spark a thought. When writing about current events or situations you can start a conversation which your readers will relate to.

Build your support team

“Readers subscribe to blogs when they provide an informational or entertainment value so great that it would be a loss to not subscribe to it.” – Maki

Blogging is online. Thus, you will need to build an online fan base. You can do this by creating, hosting or joining Twitter Chats, LinkedIn Forum and blogging buddies. Whenever you see a live meet-up for bloggers, do not hesitate to join this as well. You will be surprised by the ideas that crop up around your subject.

Your support team will also tell you what you need to do right and whenever you are doing something wrong. They will also give you more ideas of what to write on.