Before you press that key, you must have had a reason as to why you want to write that post in the first place. You must have wanted to promote a product or a service by writing reviews about it, you must have thought that this could be the only way to express yourself, you must have tried to provoke a discussion, about something that you think has been neglected for long.

It could be that your business is ready for that digital milestone that you have been wanting to start for so long but have been skeptical about how it would turn out. And as cynical as it may sound, it could be because you are bored and trying to fill up blogging space so you can brag to your friends that you have a blog.

Whatever floats your boat, you must know that blogging with purpose is essential in your blogging journey. Its either that or just don’t blog at all, because you could be completely wasting your time. A time that could have been used to do something else constructive. Here is why:

Purposeful blogging changes

Blogging with a purpose changes people’s lives. change can occur in many ways. Your blog can change people’s perspective or attitude toward something or someone, it could help an individual change their lifestyle choices. It can even change you. If you were someone who was tardy, learning how to post on time will teach you responsibility.

Purposeful blogging convinces

When one blogs about a subject, they become sort of an expert in that field. Experts are trusted, and experts can be used to convince people. Blogging with a purpose means you can convince a skeptical person to believe in a course. it can convince people to express themselves and it can convince people to change.

Purposeful blogging connects

Blogging helps people to interact with other bloggers in and out of their fields. During your blogging, you make friends, called blogging buddies. These people will always comment on your post, which is a boost to your confidence. They will also make you a better blogger.

Purposeful blogging achieves

As we said earlier, one blogs in order to accomplish something, achieve a goal. Whether your goal is to convince, connect with people or change yours or a person’s life, purposeful blogging ensures that you have goals in mind and a plan to execute. And with that goal in mind, you can achieve anything that you set out to do.

Ask yourself today, why do I blog? Why do I work hard to ensure that my blogs come out on time? Once you can answer that, then you have found your true purpose in blogging. Don’t just blog, blog with a purpose.