What do people always do to stay creative? Blogging requires immense creativity in order to reach the level you need it to. It does not matter whether you are a creative writer or a political blogger, you will need to publish content that everyone or the target audience will find worth the read.

Imagine the levels you will reach if you can become more creative. Your content release mode will skyrocket. It’s not about being productive but being creative. We are all wired to think differently but how can we be able to tap into our creative space which is within us?

Exposure to more experiences

“Creativity is just about connecting things.”- Steve Jobs

You cannot lock yourself in your own bubble and expect to be creative. You need to expose yourself to the outside world. Today, with the internet, exposure has been made easier. Let’s say you have a question and need a broader perspective. You can ask this questions on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. There is even Quora, a platform where you can post all your questions on whatever topic and get answers from different people across the globe.

Expose yourself to as many events as possible. When invited to an event, you will expose yourself to more people and more experiences. It doesn’t matter whether the event isn’t in your line of interest, you will meet varied people with varied opinions which will add to your creativity. You only need to develop a positive and open-minded outlook.

Get outdoors

“There is no better designer than nature.”- Alexander McQueen

A walk, run or drive in the forest or a green space is not just relaxing but fulfilling. You will be surprised how a quiet space inspires your creative genius. The stillness and beauty that is present in nature will result in a positive outlook to your creativity.

You can schedule the time to breathe in the fresh air every week as many times as possible. Go the nearest green space without any mobile device and let your creative capabilities flow. You can even join clubs that participate in nature hikes, camping and bicycle tours. Choose to spend a whole weekend in nature. You will feel more relaxed and more stimulated to do more, to create more.


“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” – Albert Einstein

Journaling is very important yet not many people take the initiative to start. Journaling helps with writing down all your ideas. You will discover something every day when you do this. Maybe it was the friendly stranger you met today, or the surprise you got, the anger you felt because of a depressing situation or even just being thankful for the day. Be sure to write this down every single day. It may be in a book or your computer or even your phone. Hard copies are however the best as the probability of accidentally deleting it is not a threat. You can also be able to check back on some of the previous days’ or months.

Journaling also clears your mind. You are able to remove the load from your head to a piece of paper or notepad. This creates more space to be more creative. Try journaling for a continuous one month and see the changes in your creativity burst. Do this in your quiet time and space in the morning or in the evening.

Let’s be creative geniuses.