Ever wondered why well-known bloggers do not blog as much as they did but their site still receives a lot of traffic? If you were to try this without hitting the high blogging mark level, your blog will not make it in the traffic arena even when your niche is unique. So, how are prominent bloggers able to maintain their traffic and even scale above without writing consistently – blog archives. Yes, our archives are important.

When you look back at your first post, in most cases you will cringe. You will wonder who was this person who even wrote it. You might even want to shun it. But don’t let it pass without a few edits. The key is to not overlook it but to work on it. With your learned and blogging experience process over a period of time, your instincts will automatically direct you where you need to edit. Maybe it’s the images which are not as clear or links that fail to open. Maybe you need to restructure your sentences. Do not be afraid to edit all of it.

Your archives are like the cornerstone of your blog. In most cases, they may and should contain evergreen content unless when posting a onetime event. Archives are able to drive traffic to your site since the topic will still be relevant to your audience. Consider this, when you started blogging, maybe you wrote something on a what was happening at that particular moment in your life. In the case it is a relational post such as ‘How to apply for a passport in Kenya’ the better. You will notice that the content back then is irrelevant now and you will need to edit it to suit the current application process. This post can just bring traffic back to your site as it did back then.

Maybe you were writing about a place you visited and happened to go there several times since your last post. Be sure to add the details you may have missed the last time you wrote about it. Places, government process and sometimes fashion change and new ideas and concepts prop up. If you wrote about it back then, always edit it to retain and grow your traffic.

To ensure your archived posts are worth the read even when you are a prominent blogger, always set to edit one post a day or one per week. This may seem tiresome, but, imagine editing just one post a week. By the end of the year, you will have edited more than 40 articles. You could even choose to share your archived post on social media. You will be surprised when people don’t even realise it is not fresh content.

Archived posts are like aged wine. The older they are, the better they are. Always polish your archived posts not only with editing but also ensuring the SEO of the post is well optimized. As a beginner, most bloggers have no clue about SEO. But as you grow into the blogging scene, you will know such terms, plugins and even blogging concepts you had missed in the beginning.

Editing your blog archives will definitely drive traffic to your site even when you have not been consistently writing as you did. And traffic is what you still need now to drive business to your blog.