A digital publishing system allows the publication of different types of content online. This system can be used to organise an individual’s or company’s work over time or allow a platform for collaborative work. In the media industry, this can be used to collate both print media, audio and video into one platform. This platform will be easily accessible and flexible to the consumers. Unlike Content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress, TYPO3, Drupal, CoreMedia or Magnolia which make it possible to organize and publish editorial content, a digital publishing system is designed to organize digital assets such as valuable media files or other brand assets.

Nation Media Group’s (NMG) has announced investment in a new digital publishing system, Newscycle Solutions, worth KSH. 150 Million as part of a strategic agenda of transforming the group into a modern 21st Century digital content company.

Newscycle Solutions is a leading provider of software and services powering the global media industry. Their content management, advertising management, subscription management and mobile solutions help companies drive profitability and accelerate digital business models. This enables news media to thrive in a rapidly transforming market in order to protect the integrity of information and create more informed individuals and stronger communities.

Newscycle solutions digital publishing system is used by over 70% of the world’s largest news media companies. The publishing system will enable NMG to exploit their strengths and optimize their media assets across all platforms. The system will enhance and redefine content management such as convergence, advertising management, subscription management and mobile solutions. This new publishing system will accelerate the company’s digital-first strategy allowing NMG to bring special offers to consumers and advertisers, drive the growth of traffic and revenue for the business. This will allow the NMG to grow new revenues streams while securing their current print and broadcasting businesses in a more efficient and effective manner.

According to the Acting CEO, Stephen Gitamana, the new publishing system will provide an opportunity to meet the company’s digital fast strategy, provide capabilities to converge multimedia platforms, a new way of handling content from the backward integration, new advertising formats and provide an enhanced mobile, television and radio experience. The platform will also offer a platform for self-service. Individual clients will be able to interact and connect with the media company on a real-time basis.

The system will replace the one the company has been using since 2006. It will be commissioned at the end of nine months when the adequate training and implementation has taken place.