Today, there are many issues that are affecting the African continent and the world in general. From politics to social issues and even health. As a country, we have seen issues such as the environment and justice arise. These are topics that citizens need to be wary of. Other topics, for example, how to start a business in Kenya, are important and anyone will find interest. All this signify writing a blog that matters. A blog that resonates with many people. Not a gossip blog where few people to none actually enjoy.

Anyone can start a blog. Very few people start a blog that matters.

Many people start blogs but not everyone makes it. There are plenty of average blogs out there. Some may make sense, some may not. So how can you ensure your start a blog that matters and stands out?

Have a cause worth following

Social issues, justice, active citizenship and governance are niches one can write on. These niches matter to almost everyone in general. Other issues could be good food, dressing and even home décor. There are many niches one could work on. One can even start an entertainment blog while choosing to focus on the positive impacts of celebrities in our society as well as their global recognition. The idea is to discover the “why” you are writing on a particular topic and whether you actually believe in it. Create content in a way that buys into people’s ideas and visions than actually having them follow your blog.

Seek to be of service

Many times, people may start blogs for themselves. In reality, when you decide to share your thoughts and ideas in an online space, remember that we are choosing to share with many other people. Someone will read your blog hoping to gain something from it. With this, make sure, as you start a blog, you can be able to be of service to someone. Create content that anyone can apply in their lives. You feel much better when you are helping people in a way that’s unique to who you are. Starting a blog begins and ends with serving others.

Write interesting content

In the online world, the standards for writing a way high. “Nothing experiences long-term success if it’s not high quality.” If you write boring content or create boring videos do not expect to receive mind-blowing results. Even if you think your social media followers will aid in your content going viral, you will be surprised when you don’t even get one like. If you are passionate about something, you will create content with immense passion. Passion radiates to other people as the content created will be interesting for others to resonate with.


When you begin the blogging journey, with time, especially when your content is amazing, you will start receiving reviews of what you could do. You will even begin receiving topic ideas from others. Remember to connect with everyone who responds to your blog. Remember to connect with people not only in online platforms but also make real connection off the keyboard. You will need to also remember to be proactive to every comment, idea or thought you will receive. Proactive people always work on the things they can do something about. This will result in a larger circle of influence. A group of people who inspire and you also inspire. This is when you will realise you are writing on what matters.