Bloggers, like men, are not islands. The essence of building a blog is so that you can share content that benefits people. Often, we are called upon to work with other bloggers on a project, and you can’t do that if you don’t know them.

A blogger is known for the type of content. When a company needs a blogger to do a certain campaign, your fellow bloggers are the ones that will recommend you, but they cannot do that if they have no idea who you are. That is why it is very important to interact with other bloggers. They will help build you.  How can we do that?

Reach out to other bloggers on social media

This includes joining blogger groups on Facebook, google+, WhatsApp and anywhere else you will find bloggers. Also, engage them on Twitter. These bloggers you ignore are the people who are ever present in that platform. Reach out and see where that connection goes. You never know.

Attend blogger meetups, Training, and conferences

Meetups are where you will find new bloggers and pro-bloggers mingling, networking and sharing ideas. This is where you ought to be. Training workshops have pro-bloggers teaching enthusiasts how to become better bloggers if you are one or becoming a blogger from scratch. These are especially important because you get to have the first-hand experience of what it is to be a blogger and learn from the experts themselves. BAKE, organizes such training workshops several times a year in different counties in the county. Make sure that when you hear the call, heed it. It will be very beneficial.

Write and accept guest posts

Let other bloggers see your work. Volunteer to write on their site. If it is a well-known blogger, the experience could bring exposure to your upcoming blog and give you a much-needed boost. Also, allow them to write on your blog. This will help bring in their readers to you. It’s a win, win right?

Post valuable comments

Once you follow a blog, ensure that whenever you post a comment, it is helpful to that person. Trolling is an absolute no, no. If you don’t have anything constructive, that will help that belong be better, then just lurk. Lurking is when you read a good blog post but leave without liking or commenting. It’s creepy, but it is better. Remember, trolling one on social media intentionally or on intentionally surmounts to cyberbullying.

Include links to other blogs in your posts

If your story or article is almost like another that you found useful, remember to hyperlink it. This not only gives your reader more information about the topic but also helps connect the other person’s readers to you. And her, who doesn’t want that!

Do you have any more advice on how to promote your content to other bloggers?

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