Most of us, when we start blogging, we expect it to take off immediately, not knowing that blogging is a journey. In a journey, you experience ups and downs, winding roads, smooth roads, portholes. These experiences are the ones that make blogging worthwhile. You will never really appreciate it unless you experience the hardships that come with blogging.

Blogging doesn’t have to be hard. You should not be stressed out because it doesn’t take off immediately. As I said before, he who is where he is started where he was. Here are some of the ways that can make your blogging journey easy and enjoyable.

  • Use lots of images, and I mean lots. Images tell a story and they complement your writing. A writing in prose without an eye break is frankly monotonous and tiring. Tell your story using photos, and not just any photos but eye-catching photos that will keep the interest.
  • Mix up content. Don’t have just words. have photos, videos, gifs, audios. If you are doing blog posts, try your hand at a podcast. The sky is only the limit. If you limit the kind of content you do, it means that you will be limiting the kind of people that visit your blog every day.
  • Have a posting schedule so that you have a distinct time to interact with your audience. It helps when you stick to it too. If you say you will be posting on Mondays, please ensure that every Monday you do it, lest you lose the confidence of your readers.
  • Forget about being original all the time, because there is nothing new under the sun. Most of what exists now are things that have been modified by people time and again. So instead of thinking long and hard about coming up with original stuff, look for something interesting that will at the same time making life easier for your audience like, how to…
  • Think twice before leaving a comment on someone else’s blog. Before you send that trolling comment, think long and hard because if you do, you might get yourself into trouble because of cyberbullying. If you don’t have something constructive t say, you would rather not leave a comment. Remember, critics, are legless men who teach running.
  • Should it be short or long? It doesn’t matter. If you can say something in 20 words and impact people, them well and good. If you can say it in 2000 words, its okay too. The question is, do you make sense.
  • Be more of a reporter. A reporter’s mandate is to inform, educate and entertain. The rest of the other advice stuff leave it to the experts, lest you end up misleading your readers.
  • Have a running list of blogging ideas so that you don’t run out of content. Once you notice that it is depleting, ensure that you update it. Do lots of research before you decide to pen that article.

Don’t let your blogging stress you out. Blogging should be fun and not something to give you headaches.

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