Being a content creator requires one to be creative. This is not only reserved for creative writers or photographers. As long as you want to share your experiences, work or passion on the online space, you will need to do it in a creative way.

Whatever you do every day is your craft. You have the opportunity and responsibility to release your creative work. It doesn’t matter where you live, work or even went to school. You have a creative ability inside of you. Remember as a child how creative you were with even the most random things such as mud. You can harness that creative power back. The child in you is ready to unleash. This will help your blogging or vlogging career grow. Whatever you send out to the world will eventually come back to you, like a boomerang.

So how do you stay creative even when you are not in a creative mood?

  1. Have a total focus time

In today’s world, we have so many objects of destructions. From our phones always beeping with notifications on end, to what is happening and trending at the moment. The fact is, there will always be something new happening every moment. We have no control over this. We can only choose to go with the flow of this destructions or set aside time where we face no destruction whatsoever.

Having a total focused time means setting aside time, let’s say 3 hours, to totally focus on your work, on your project. This also means avoiding destructions by switching your phone or putting it on silent. You may argue that in some blogging niche a lot needs to be done online. Why not decide to research your work online and download the pieces needed. During the 3 hours, more or less, work on your article with the downloaded articles already in place. This will enable you to be more at present, a creative genius and avoid the urge to look at your social media feed or the latest trend.

  1. Work in an intense burst for 60 minutes

Just like having an intense work out session, why not have an intense creative session. Work for 60 minutes in an intense mode without any destruction. Then have a 10 minibreak. How you rest will determine how your next session will be. You can have two sessions for 60 minutes in a day. You will realise you will have finished more work in those 60 minutes than spending the whole day in working on something.

  1. Have dream weeks

A dream week is a week you don’t do anything but just dream. This could be reading, researching, spending a whole week having a reboot. Some may argue having a whole week to yourself is next to impossible. But think of impossible not being a word, and working on your craft being more important, then you can find one week a month to dream, think, strategize and visualize about anything. You will get your biggest ideas not from your usual environment but far from it. Take a week off to visualize. If this is not possible once a month, then at least try it after every two months. Dream weeks’ work.

  1. Have a mentor

Associate with the absolute masters within your field. One of the finest ways to create change is to look at your peers. Your social orbit matters. Be around people who don’t think they are victims or average. Always be with A Players. Look for a mentor who you want to be, who inspires you in the field you are in. Choose someone who when you see succeed you get inspired to work harder and smarter. Great artists are associated with great masters.

  1. Find fuels that will lift your inspiration

You cannot inspire the world if you are dis-inspired. If you love art galleries, go there and find inspiration. When nature inspires you, go out to nature and come inspired to do great things. Amazing conversations with people will also add inspiration. Do not be afraid to have conversations with people. Human beings always have something interesting to share.

  1. Protect your focus

Being focused is an asset. When someone brings you their problem, let them deal with it. It is an opportunity for them to grow. It’s never been important to protect your own mindset. When you are trying to focus on being the best version and keep getting destructed with daily information and chaos, find a way to stay focused. It could be listening to your favourite podcast instead of an annoying topic happening on the radio that will demotivate your creative process.

With this ways, hopefully, your creative process will improve.