1. Develop yourself first

You cannot give what you don’t have. You first need to develop your own self before you develop your blog. Blogging sharing a part of your thoughts, part of your ideas, a part of who you are to readers who you will expect to feel and get inspired after a read. Your readers expect a lot of you more than you may know. This should, however, not cause any pressure on you, especially when you have chosen to fill your cup before filling other people’s cups.

For Video Bloggers, this is a huge aspect to consider. Video blogging sometimes requires sharing personal experiences with a larger audience. Today, in the age where people prefer watching videos to reading, you will realise many people will view your videos. You will be given a lot of yourself to people you don’t even know.

It is thus important to take time for yourself. Take time to reflect on who you are every single day. This will definitely ensure the content you publish is forever strengthened. This is because you are developing self and not focused on other people’s opinion of you.

  1. Read More

You become a better writer when you read other people’s work. Reading fills you with words, with ideas and with knowledge. Reading is calming. As a writer expecting others to read your work, it is important to read.

You may say, ‘Well, I’m a photography blogger, why do I need to read?” Reading opens your mind to many things. You may not realise this at the beginning, but you will end up having ideas from a book. You can even read books that can help with photography or editing. You can read on books, especially autobiographies and biographies by photographers. You will learn a lot. You will grow and take your blog to a different level.

  1. Practice Everyday

Write more, take photos more, do plenty of videos. The more you write the more you will learn. Set a target from 500 words every day. Take photographs of even the most random things. You will learn what you did not know and even how to make the most random of images wallpaper worthy.

The writing pieces don’t have to go to your blog. It can be a diary you start to write your day. Write whatever you experience and as long as you meet the target then you are set off to developing your blog.

When well-known bloggers look at their past work, they marvel at the far they have come from. This will only apply to bloggers who have consistently written more than 500 per day.

Practicing also involves doing it even when you do not feel like. When you are feeling lazy and wondering why you even writing, this is the moment you should actually right. Do a little bit every day because it is more important than doing much in one day.

  1. Review your goals

Review your blogging goals every day if you have to. Goals may be done yearly but narrowing them down to daily goals will go a long way. Goals will help you when you become consistent. Goals will be achieved when you review them every day. Remember, dreams are easy but the journey never is.

Without reviewing your blogging goals, they may be forgotten. Reviewing them bring them closer in view every day. You will also gain a different desire, a different outlook every day. Do not be afraid to change your goals according to how you see fit. Each day, when you plan your day in the morning, make your goal action step for that day be one of your most important things for that day. You will be one step closer to achieving your dreams.