“Success is a staircase; each step gets you closer to the top. But nothing will happen if you don’t start climbing. Stop looking at the staircase”. W.T. Hamilton

Success begins at a certain point. Look at the background of great speakers. They either read a lot of books from a young age and started out as speakers even if it was in front of the church. They have become accustomed to the mistakes they have made over the years. They are also accustomed to the pressure it takes to speak to 1 million or more people. They may still get nervous, but this is the positive kind. The one that makes them excited. They have learned to laugh at all their mistakes. They realised perfection is an illusion.

Writers also began by being good at writing from an early age. In some cases, some started writing at their most challenging times in life. For others, daily ‘journaling’ and have improved their writing skills. Great writers can attest to the fact that their fast writing pieces were not as good. This never stopped them from writing. They didn’t give up. They learnt to grow beyond their mistakes.

When you start blogging, there is one aspect that will inspire the first post. The first post will not get the reach you expect. The first post may get a lot of views as people are always looking for something new to inspire them as well. As you continue writing, you will realise some of your blog posts are not getting the required reach. Then, when you get the urge to grow your blog, you begin to research on better ways to make your posts get a better reach. Whether it will take one month, one year or three years to make your blogging a big thing, it is still a process.

You will always experience ups and downs as a blogger. The key is not to give up when all the odds are against you. You need to put in all the energy. Successful bloggers all over the world have made faced challenges. You will not be the first one nor the last one.

To achieve success as the blogger, one needs to not fear success itself. Fearing success may result in being afraid to make mistakes in the blogging world. The far of success will lead you to not break your own limits. The fear of success may make you a slave to the world.

Currently, not everyone understands the blogging scene in Kenya. Society will tell you, being a blogger is a not a successful career. Even though many are living through their blogs. People have built their blogs from scratch and are now brands. Brands everyone knows.

Naysayers are part of the stumbling blocks you will face in the blogging world. Family and friends may disagree with your point of view. You will face criticism for the content you produce. In all this, choose to face the challenges head-on and live up to your blog. Choose to prove the people who believe in you right and the people who don’t believe in you wrong.

In the journey of success as a blogger, have fun. Remember, it’s never that serious. If it doesn’t work for you, pick a different strategy. If not, choose another way of expressing yourself other than blogging.