Every single person has a genius within them. We all have a brilliance waiting to see the light of day. Genius is less more about your genetics but more about our daily habits. Every great writer you have met was and is not a genius. They have taken their time to write and have made writing a habit. An essential part of their life. Not a one-month habit but a daily habit. Great writers have explored the talent or gift of writing more than any of their peers in writing have.

Everyone has the opportunity to be the best they can be at their crafts. To be a great writer, writing should be a habit. Writing once a week is okay. But, it will become your comfort zone since you get accustomed to writing only once a week. Do you know the possibilities that you would gain if you wrote every single day? This may seem scary. It’s an unknown possibility. Writing does not have to be for only your blog. You can write for other blogs, newspapers and magazines or that book you have been wanting to write. You need to start now. Consistency is the mother of mastery.

Habits are formed when we do it even we are facing hardships. This are situations we cannot avoid. The will and strength to write even in your hardest moments will develop a habit you cannot be able to do without. Writing is a positive habit. It is a habit a person who wants to be a great writer, should be willing to do. Life is hard but being great isn’t easy.

You may be saying to yourself you don’t want to be great. This is the fear talking. Fear is telling you; ‘You don’t need to be great’, ‘You are not a good writer’, ‘You will never make it as a writer’, ‘No one will want to publish your book’. Always notice the fear talking. Have faith that when you choose to leap and make writing a habit everything will fall into place. Also, do not listen to your ego. Your ego may be way ahead and already criticizing your writings.

To make writing a habit, you need to stop comparing yourself with already great writers. Seek to be great in your own way. You can read how other writers write but don’t copy them. You can complement them and learn something from them, but don’t copy them. Also, don’t believe you cannot be great as them because you are great in your own way. Do not believe societies standards. Stick to your own standards and set them high.

Writing will be a habit when you avoid the distractions. Procrastination is a vine that you should not tolerate. When you find yourself listening to music when you haven’t accomplished your writing goals, stop and start writing. You only need to concentrate in the first few minutes for it to be a continuous piece of writing.

“Don’t worry about failures, worry about the chances you miss when you don’t even try. – Jack Canfield

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