The bake awards season is here!! If you have no idea what the Bake Awards are, you are probably living in a rock. It is a chance to receive recognition for all the hard work you have put on your blog in the previous year. If you are a Kenyan blogger, then the time is now.The feeling of winning an award because of your writing is one unimaginable. It gives you the boost of confidence and morale to continue writing. But the blog awards yield so much more. Here is why.


An award recognition generally gives a blogger a good reputation in the blogosphere. It can transform your blog from being average to being excellent. Also, you may gain more followers as a result.


 An Award serves as a testament to your followers of your credibility, ethics and commitment to your blog. New readers will likely consider a writer’s work over another if it has won an award.Winning an award is a good thing because it reinforces your reader’s loyalty and willingness to share links with their friends and loved ones.


Awards speak volumes about a publisher’s titles and content and provide a third-party endorsement of your achievements. Being nominated or shortlisted can be helpful because it places you at the forefront of your genre and industry. It makes you the best,  and in this blogging industry, it is the best who survive longer.


Awards can make you and your titles more visible. They can attract new readers and give you an edge over other blogs. Awards also make you credible, thus maintaining their loyalty to you.


As each blogger strives to achieve stand out in an increasingly difficult and changing market, awards can set a blog apart from other blogs.

Now that you know why blog awards are important, why don’t you submit yours for the BAKE Awards and see how it goes? Here is what you need to know: