Blogging and Social Media can be very overwhelming. When all you are after is likes wondering whether anyone is even reading. When you get a good number of likes and follows, you now want more. This becomes a very stressful period. It becomes a continuous obsessive impulsive cycle. You are looking for more followers and likes every moment. If you are not careful, you end up sharing content because you have to get those likes. It becomes about your followers and not who you are.

This could be sometimes driven by the need for money. Yes, money is one thing we all need to live the lives we should be having. In the pursuit of financial freedom, is getting a huge number of likes and followers necessary? Others are making huge sums on their blogs and social media. This doesn’t mean you should be faking your life all for the paper.

Respect is one virtue we should gain from others, from our readers. Likes and followers have nothing on this. In the blogging world, you will at one point face immense pressure. The pressure to publish content, no matter how relevant or irrelevant. This may because we may want followers for whatever reason. It could be driven by how the society actually responds to various societal issues. This determines the amount of traffic that gets to the site and how it will be reflected by the client.

You should worry more about the respect you get. Never worry about the likes because that’s the trap. That’s when people manipulate you. Yes, different people will respect different things. But at the end of the day, you will need to be confident of who you are. This is where the power and strength to become a better you stem from.

To avoid others using our intellectual property, whether brands or even your own readers, respect goes a long way. Respect ensures people know where you stand as a blogger. You will not face manipulation for the sake of a wide message reach, especially at meagre costs.

Respect ensures trust. Your readers will trust your content and deem it worthy to share with others. Your followers will grow at whatever pace because you are being true to yourself.

Gaining respect than likes from others is a better way of avoiding depression. Whether people read your content or not becomes none of your business. Your business becomes creating quality content your readers will appreciate. Your business is being of service to others. This is by writing content readers can resonate with or are looking for. Your business is being the best version of yourself. You will not live under a ghost of overwhelming likes and followings from people you don’t even know. Your business is setting the best standards with an intended goal that you want to achieve for yourself and others.

Whether you are looking for those likes and followers to make economic sense, first focus on the respect. Getting respect because you do not know it all but are willing to learn and share with your readers. Respect will not only lead to you being a better writer but also a better person.