“When you manage your time more effectively, you actually create more freedom.” – Lisa Nichols
Time management is very important. Being a blogger can be exhausting and time-consuming when we don’t plan out time well. When you need to attend several events during the day, or even at night, and still have to publish a post/vlog by end of the day, your time is crucial. You don’t want to miss business because you were not able to publish content or attend a client’s events. You also need to create time for yourself to reboot your creative mind. You also need to spend time with family and friends because we are social beings and social beings crave for company.
So, how do you manage your time as a content creator, more so during this holiday season?

Create Large Time Blocks

Schedule blocks of time that are at least 2 – 4 hours of an uninterrupted block of time. As a creative, focus on more important work first. We all have 24 hours in the day. Great and successful people do not have extra added hours in their day. When you do not create time, you do not have priorities. You can begin by listing all the activities you need to do in the day. Note down the top 3 important activities from this list. 3 goals achieved every day will become 27 goals achieved in a week and 1,095 small steps achieved in a year. Create large blocks of time for the 3. Whether it is attending an event in the afternoon, editing and publishing/scheduling a post or vlog in the morning or meeting a client in the evening.

Prioritise Progress

Focus on progression not easy. This means starting with the most challenging activities you need to do during the day. Do not start with the easiest because you think you be able to build momentum to get started. Because something is easy to do doesn’t mean you must do it today. Focus on things that contribute more to your goals, your dreams that lead to significant steps which move your life forward. Treat your priorities more important by figuring out what they are. Even when we are busy and we focus on what matters, we will get what we want.
“We don’t build the lives we want by saving time, we build the lives we want then time saves itself.” – Laura Vanderkam

Focus on the Outcome, not the Activities

What is your outcome? What do you want to achieve from your blog at the end of this week or this month?
These are important questions you need to ask yourself. When you write down your outcomes, look at them every day. Over time. Your brain will adjust to these outcomes. Thus, you will find yourself creating time to achieving them. You become what you say to yourself every day.
Outcomes have to be positive. You can also create positive affirmations related to your outcomes. You need to be accountable to the time you spend and how you spend it on a daily basis.