For you who are Instagram addicts or do brand promotions, sometimes you might lack content to post on your Instagram pages. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. There are some ways you can deviate from the norm and remain relevant in the industry. It is good to deviate. After all, variety is the spice of life. Letting people see the other side of you, it not only earns you a large following but also help people understand why you are the way you are and makes for a good human-interest story.

So, without further ado, here is what you can post when you have nothing to post. its confusing sentence, right?


One thing you can show people is your day to day workspace. Arrange your stuff in order and take a photo. Scratch that, take as many photos as you can and choose the best.

Latest blog post

Post a picture of your latest blog post and let people see what you are up to. In doing so, you can drive more people to your blog; just don’t forget to put the link on your bio page first.

Favourite spot, restaurant

Do you have somewhere you go frequently and have enjoyed the place or services? Why do you recommend that place to your beloved followers? Not only will you have shared the love, but also boosted that business premises.

A tip or a trick

Hmmmh, you have mastered another way to cook eggs or wear your jeans. Photograph it and post it. It will be a nice change for those who are used to the status quo and you might teach a few skeptics a thing or two.

A quote

You can never go wrong with quotes. They are meant to inspire and encourage people. Unleash your inner philosopher and post a quote.

Blast from the past

They are commonly known as TBT in internet lingo. Show us a photo of your past to tell a story of how far you have come. If you are courageous enough, make fun of it just for the sake of it. it will make some peeps on Instagram talk, that’s for sure.


Oh, I love these. Sunsets are a good way to appreciate nature. They are beautiful and serene and hold many promises of days to come. Someone said sunsets show that not all endings have to be bad, and I tend to agree. Don’t you?

Tutorial or DIY

Share something that you are good at. Show people how to Make insects from leaves, or something as trivial as how to sew a torn cloth. Trust me, they will be looking forward to these little tutorials. Before long, brands will be looking for you because you have such a large following.

Sneak peek

Do you have something that you have been doing to the side, but it is not finished quite yet?  Share a small sneak peek to keep your audience on their toes. Its kinda like what movies do when they release trailers. You take an awesome scene, spice it up by adding music and effects and post it. You followers will be craving it like a drug.

Ask a question

You know those funny questions that elicit witty remarks and engagement. Why don’t you post that? Encourage guys to share their stories or jokes and see how that goes.

Behind the scenes

Sometimes I love behind the scenes that the actual movie. Behind the scenes are funny, witty and gives an idea of what our favorite actors go through to make the movie a success. Try post what you do behind the façade of awesome photos. People want to see the real you.

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