As an online content, you may have been asked why you even blog? Every blogger has different reasons for starting their blog. For some, it was out of leisure, for others it was just a way to share their thoughts with the online world. A number of bloggers can claim blogging was a form of therapy and a way to improve themselves and others only want to make money through being freelance bloggers online – because others are already earning a living from blogging -. Where you choose to place yourself as to why you choose to blog is up to you as an individual.

Blogging, being a form of writing but on an online space, is a way to share your thoughts with others whether they agree to it or not. Words are very powerful and when placed on an online space, you may not realize the ripple effect of a post immediately. Ideas can be able to revolutionize a culture or society by how they think or view the world around them. Bloggers have been known to change the world in a positive way by what they share to the world. At a personal level, being a blogger can be able to reveal things about yourself you never knew.

According to Alice Flaherty, a neuroscientist at Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital, studying conditions such as hypergraphia [the urge to write constantly] and the dilemma of writer’s block, believes that blogging might trigger a release of dopamine in the brain, similar to stimulants and rewards generated by activities like running, listening to music and playing video games. Nancy Morgan, an author of the Oncologist study advocates that blogging offers similar benefits to expressive writing. She has found evidence of this in people coping with cancer and other serious medical conditions.

Blogging offers a platform to express oneself, as well as the added capability to connect with other individuals with similar personal experiences, thoughts and feelings. Research has also shown that blogging can improve memory and sleep, boosts immune cell activity and reduces viral load in HIV/AIDS patients, and even speeds healing after surgery. All these offers is an easier therapeutic form other than medications. Blogging also adds to a sense of community and empathy.

When you blog about your thought and how you overcome certain circumstances you can be able to change someone’s else life not only your own. This is being of service to others just through your blog. This helps humanity in one way or another. This is a way to also help someone be their very best in life. Always choose to build the person you want to be.

Next time someone asks you why you are blogging, do not be afraid to show them why.