Fashion blogging: A competitive and crowded niche where anyone who has been told they dress well or thinks they can hack it and have an easy access to the internet and sometimes a good photographer, wants to join.

With this point of view, how do you distinguish yourself from the crowd and be recognized for all the right reasons.


How will your blog be different of everyone’s else? No one needs another fashion blogger. This term has been used a lot with an overcrowded space where being a fashion blogger is just ‘another’ blogger. Who are you? What do you want to bring? Do you have something different from other previous and well known fashion bloggers? Just because your website looks absolutely different from others doesn’t make you unique. You will notice that most top and successful fashion bloggers have simple websites. Don’t get worked up about your website design, get worked up about the authenticity in your content that stands out. Do deep soul searching -if you have to- to know who you are and why you are doing it. When fashion blogging is really something you want to do then start.


So you though research is for papers. Well, think again. You want to be successful at anything, even the smallest business, you have to do the research.

Since fashion blogging is not a new niche, you have plenty of data lying around on the internet which will aid your research. Begin with analytics. Pay attention to your audience. This are very crucial in any business; small scale, big corporations, you name it. Your audience are they say it all whether you succeed or not in the fashion blogging world.

Once you determine who your audience is, how will you engage with them and vice versa. Analytics will also help you discover what your audience expect from you. Do they want to see a look book collection, a well written and detailed article, where to get local products, where to shop or shape sizes? The list is endless. Do the research.

Nancie Mwai ©

Invest in Good and Clear Images

No one wants to open you site or Instagram feed and see dull looking photos. Your blog may never see the light of day. This also doesn’t mean going broke just because you want the perfect shot for your site. Quality images start with try and error. Take as many pictures as possible especially if it’s an amateur photographer taking your images. Start with what you have but make sure it’s attractive and worth a second glance.

Images in fashion blogging are the main content. Your audience will want to read your story and personality but the images will add flavour to your written content. If you are producing amazing content, you will definitely have a platform.

Consistently focusing on publishing good content will definitely put you on the radar of brands.

Sharon Mundia ©

Set Boundaries

Well established industries will always have loop holes that can destroy someone’s reputation. As a fashion blogger who wants to build a brand that revolves around the concept of fashion, you will need to build yourself in a truthful and organic way. Values vary from person to person. Do you want to showcase a product just because it will pay well but your main audience who got you this far will not be able to even afford, wear or use that product? Are you willing to lose your audience? You have to know what works for you first then what works for your audience. Always stay true to yourself. Don’t chase money or fame because if you are doing what you love, money will follow.

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Be of service

There are a number of fashion designers in Kenya. One way of becoming great and successful is by being of service to others. Showcasing local products also sets you apart from the crowd. You become a more trusted and reliable blogger. You have to acknowledge that Rome wasn’t built in one day. Building other brands, especially local brands, will build you as well. Adding value to their work will also add value to yours. Engage with local designers. It’s a genuine place to start.

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Are you a successful fashion blogger? What advice do you have for budding fashion bloggers?