When people go online, it means that they are looking for something. That something is content, good content. Different readers have different tastes when they consume content. While others look for recipes in food blogs, some look for creative materials. We can’t all satisfy every reader. That is why we must have a niche. Something that you are good at, something that you are passionate about.

That being said, readers also have one thing in common. They want to read something that is interesting. Interesting in the fact that they need to capture their attention and sustain that attention to the end of the post.

Generally, there are some blog posts that readers run to. Not because just because they are well written but also the fact that they get to learn from them. Here are some of them:

Question and Answer Posts

Well, if I want to know something, I know where to go. Google of course. But what if I want to know about medical stuff as fast as possible and I don’t have time to read through paragraphs and paragraphs of information? This is where Q&A posts come in. Such posts have FAQs where, in a minute, you have the answers to what you need.

Perspective posts

They are opinions posts. They give the writers point of view. Many news editors and bloggers have made a name for themselves by writing opinion pieces. Why? They are trendsetters and gurus in their fields such that, like it or not, their opinions matter.

Advice posts

Advice posts pots are widely read because they add value to one’s life. They tell you how to be better, and who doesn’t want to be better than they are? No one. They also give people something to think about. They are like a call to action. They are mostly catchy, with straight to the point headlines, those headlines that make you just think twice before skipping them.

How to blog posts

Now, how to blog posts are readers best friends. From them, you can get to know stuff you didn’t think you will want to know, in an instant. How to posts range from how to smile with class, to how to tie a tie, to how to write a CV to how to be a gentleman. It is right there on the screen with step by step action on what to do.

Image blog posts

Well, they say a picture is worth a thousand words for a good reason. Image blog posts give people the avenue to interpret these images in their own way. Apart from the aesthetic value, it has to blog pages, image blog posts remove the monotony of having to read words continuously. Examples include photography blogs, fashion blogs, nature blogs etc.

Humor posts

We all need a laugh once in a while and that is why people go or them. They are like a slice of heaven especially when you are down. But you don’t have to read them just when you are down. Humor posts keep you going and you will find that many jokes and sarcasm blogs attract a lot of people. After all, laughter is the best medicine.

List posts

If you want to tell something and straight to the point, list posts are a way to go. No need of unnecessary stories. They are mostly used in warnings, rules and instructions.

So which kind of post do you love reading?

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