Many a time, our readers do not know what it takes to write a post that is worth reading. With an influx of pro-bloggers, upcoming bloggers and wannabe bloggers, it is interesting when it comes to deciding on what content you want to consume. The difference between good content and bad content is all in the way you choose to relay your information and how people respond to it will let you know if your content was duly appreciated.

You don’t just become a good blogger overnight. It takes commitment, practice and yes, a lot of reading. You are not the first person to blog. Many have come before you and many more will come after you. The difference is in how you choose to go about your blogging, and if you follow the rules of engagement. Don’t kid yourself, blogging, like any other endeavor out there is governed by do’s and dont’s. It is whether you choose to follow that matters. Here are some of the rules of responsible blogging.

Give credit where it is due. If you decide to use someone’s work as inspiration for yours, make sure you mention that person’s site. It is not only polite but it also gives you credibility. The secret to success is in recognizing that you have a weakness, and you needed someone to help you out.

Respect the views of other bloggers. Like I said earlier, many bloggers have come before us. Their opinion matters if you want to succeed in the blogging world. Other people too might have the insight that you need to further your blogging endeavors. Therefore, respect other people’s opinions and they will respect yours too. Don’t take it personally, that’s just how the world works.

Don’t re-post without people’s permission. Re-posting someone’s work is an equivalent of stealing it, because hey, you took it without permission. It doesn’t take a person with a PhD to figure that out. Ensure that you have the express blessing of the blogger in question, preferably in writing so that you can avoid unnecessary lawsuits and embarrassment.

Avoid leaving rude comments on other people’s blogs. You didn’t like the post, so what! You don’t have to be rude about it. No one is born a blogger, no one is perfect. Might I add that leaving rude comments on other people’s blogs makes you a troll? You would rather just not comment.

Try to comment back. If a post is well written, try to leave a message of encouragement t that writer. After all, they put time and effort in the post you just enjoyed. So, be a darling and take time to leave good words for a job well done.

That being said, be a dear and respond to comments and questions about your blog post.

And if you liked what you have read, others may like it too. Share it with people who you think might like it too. After all, sharing is caring.

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