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There are numerous blogs currently in Kenya, up to 10000 blogs by Kenyans on different topics and ideas. With these number of blogs, it becomes difficult for a writer to distinguish themselves from the pack. One will seek ways of how they will be able to get an audience and be stand out in the crowd. Whether it’s telling latest gossips or faking it until you make it, bloggers should seek to add value to their readers lives.

Focus on creating content that no one else can create such as data that only you have access to or unique insights that your experience/job provides you with. – Daniel Glickman

Feed your readers with something good to always look forward to. Something bigger than yourself and remember there is always someone having it hard or even easier than you are somewhere in the world. When you add value to someone’s life through your blog, it shows your ability to care for other people. You may not currently have it all but choosing to research on your content which will add value to your blog will create a space your readers will look forward to reading.

Care about your readers more than anything. – Chris Guillebeau

There is somebody, somewhere, sharing the same knowledge you are. They may have even done it longer than you have. They also possibly have a greater audience reach, more authority in the blogging sphere and awards under their name. Despite all these odds been against you, focus on creating content that your readers will appreciate. Do not seek to be like all other bloggers in your niche. Be different. Different is good.

Focus on quality content. The world is getting tired of over-promising titles and under-delivering content. – William Harris

Have a purpose whenever you start writing any post. Do you want to reach a bigger audience? Do you want to share your opinion with others? Do you want to change someone’s live or ideologies? Have a purpose. So many blogs have content that doesn’t have purpose or strike a conversation. In the beginning, finding purpose may seem unimportant, but with time, you will realize that adding value to your blog begins by looking for that purpose in every article you choose to publish.

Focus on providing value in that context, treat your ideas as hypotheses and then just start creating so you can learn what works! – Steph Crowder

If your previous articles have not been working out, do not choose to give up and shut down your blog, instead, change your story. Your story controls the energy of your blog. A poor story attracts poor readership. A bad story is worse than not publishing a post at all. When you add a good story every single time you put up a post you will definitely add value to your blog. Choose to learn from all your bad or poor articles and work on adding value for you and your audience.

Your only mission is creating valuable content – Colton Parrett

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