Sometimes, we wake up and wonder how and where we are going to start. No one wants to end the da feeling they did not achieve their daily goals. We want to know we have made a difference today even if it was to be of service to someone else, not necessarily yourself. Some days it is easy to wake up and be productive. However, other times, the day just seems to not end. Therefore, how do you ensure you are going to have a productive day whether you are a full time or part time blogger, self-employed or employed individual?

Harness your energy

Take a minute and meditate on when you are most productive during the day. Are you the early morning bird or a night owl? Do you get a bust of energy in the afternoon or are evenings your best time?

We all have different circadian rhythms in terms of energy. Once you discover the time of day when you are more productive, you can be able to harness that energy and use it to do your best tasks.

Prepare for the next day

As the day ends, mark your to-do-list with what you were able to accomplish. Organize yourself for the next day with a new list of what you want to accomplish. Remember to set a reminder for meetings or appointments whether they are professional or personal. If you have an article you will need to write the following day, outline the necessary points. Remember to start with the most important item first. It will only take a few minutes which will save you time the following day.

Set Your Phone On Silent

When you need to complete an important task, set your phone on silent. Unless you are a foreseer who has already foreseen an emergency then there is nothing to be worried about expecting a very important’ or emergency related call. This will keep your focus on the task and avoid any distractions that may arise through a text, call or even a notification from your social media applications. The urge to check on somewhat meaningless tasks on what is happening will be eliminated.

Emails can wait

Not many people will agree to this. Opening your inbox being the first task during your most active time of the day might leave you with less or no hours to be productive. You will find yourself replying to emails, which are mostly not urgent, instead of working on your top on the to-do-list first. In most cases everything can wait in a few hours and it is easier to reply to emails when you have less tasks to think about. You will even work on urgent emails with ease since you completed all your important tasks.

Monitor the environment

Ever felt very lethargic in a room when the temperature is hot and stuffy? This tends to demotivate you. You will feel much better and focus when you move to a cooler place or switch on the fan.

Also ensure your working space has comfortable chairs which will help you sit up straight. This will ensure air flows in well through your body. Your brain will get more oxygen and you’ll be able to concentrate on your tasks better.

Start the day well

Try not to be in a rush whenever you start the day. Have a routine that works for you well in the morning. Whether its exercise, Yoga, meditation or a glass or water. Whatever will work for you ensure you maintain your morning ritual will set off the day in a good start. This will give you motivation and you will do your tasks on days you do not want to. Always remember, a little goes a long way.

How do you stay productive?