So many bloggers and content creators have experienced the well-known writers block. This is when you cannot seem to write for days on end and even weeks. What happens during this period? You look at your laptop or diary or note pad and cannot seem to type or write anything. You are totally blank. Well, you have goals and even a number of topic ideas you need to write on but yet, you cannot seem to start working on them. What do you need to do when you experience this?

Review your goals

We have discussed how to achieve your blogging goals. You have written down your goals on a special notebook or a board with all your goals [whether in hard copy or soft copy]. You will need to look at them more often especially at this moment. Change it to whatever you want it to be if you have to as long as it will get you working on your content. Doing this in the morning when you wake up and before you sleep will definitely give you some self motivation to create.

What if this doesn’t work?

Write how you are feeling at that moment

This goes for men too since women are well known to be emotional beings and their feelings matter. How do you feel now that you can’t get your creative writing muscle to work? What may be causing this feeling? It may be because of your current life situation or circumstances. Maybe something major is happening in your life and distracting you at that particular moment. Your blank Word document or notebook or even your phones notebook is waiting. Go on and write. How do you feel?

Now what next?

Write on a different topic than your norm

Now that you have figured out and written down how you are feeling, why not write about it? Maybe you have tried looking for this feeling online. This being the Google era, we have become entitled to having our questions answered just by browsing on our gadgets. So Google it if you have to. But what if you cannot find what you are looking for? Then you must write on it. There you go. A solution right there. You may even discover you could start another blog niche or maybe include it as a topic in your blog. Who knows?

All these tips are not working?

Force yourself

Yes, you have read it write. When there is no self motivation, nothing is working and you are wondering why every single waking moment your creative muscle just won’t budge. Stop wasting precious time and force yourself to create. In the beginning, when you started your blogging journey, you had all the psyche in the world to take your blog to higher levels. Remember this moment and why you are doing it in the first place. Then force yourself to write. Do not listen to your inner voice, your self-doubt, your ‘I cannot do this’. Open your blank document and write it all down.

It okay to take breaks once in a while. But every so often is not very healthy in becoming a consistent content creator. To cover up on the days you did not write or create, double up your creativity when you find your self-motivation. It all starts with what you need to do and getting on the track to doing it. Do not procrastinate. Someone somewhere is waiting to view your amazing, intuitive, entertaining, inspiring, educative content.

You always have a choice to go from auto pilot to decision maker. – Mel Robbins

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