Learning how to take a selfie is easy. The hard part is learning how to take great selfies. This is a skill that you acquire with time. Yes, I know we are not born with this ‘gift’ already knowing how to take pro-like selfies, so, here are some of the tips that will get you taking selfies the pro way.

Good lighting is key

Ensure you take your photos where there is good lighting.  Stand against the light and snap that selfie. Also, consider taking it using natural light. It works best.

Have a good background

Don’t just take selfies anywhere. Have a premeditated background so that the whole thing turns great. If you want to do it in the middle of the ocean, well and good but don’t post a selfie that you took in the loo. It’s kind of disgusting if I do say so myself.

Smile genuinely

The secret to good selfies a genuine facial expression. If it is a smile, do it genuinely or it will turn to be more of a grimace. Photos that make you look like you chewed on wasps are not pleasing to the eye at all.

Play with angles

Everyone has that side of their face that is prominent and like to show off. Use it. Give your face an edge. Also, don’t look at the camera straight on. Most people do it but it doesn’t look good on them.  If you can’t-do it, use a selfie stick. It brings out the supermodel in you.

Know when to use a flash

Only use a flash when you must. Sometimes, taking pictures with the flash on is not the best thing because it might make your picture too bright or too dark. Natural lighting, like we said earlier, is the best for photos.

Use the right apps and edit features

Have a good app to edit your photographs but remember not to overdo it. Over editing makes you look fake. Therefore, make a point to use those filters sparingly.

Don’t do Cliché photos

Well, you want to smooch the air in your selfie and expect to look like Kim Kardashian but you end up looking like a duck-billed platypus. No offense but not everyone can pull that look. Be creative and come up with your own unique poses.

Respect the rule of thirds

The rule of thirds means not centering everything. It might be a selfie but ensure that it has context. Don’t just let your face get crumpled in there.

Now that you know how to take a good selfie, go ahead and try it using the tips above. You will see how they will turn out so much better.