Story Moja Festival 2017

Students getting inspired to sharpen their writing skills #StorymojaTurns10

Doing assignments from the 20th century going back and part of early 2000s was a tedious task. Imagine having to do loads of research through the library to get assignments done. One had to peruse through several books just to get the points needed to finish an assignment. Today, everything has been made easy. The online platform is easily accessible in almost all parts of the world. Teenagers and early pre teens have access to mobile devices which was unknown when their own parents were in school at the same age as they are now.

Do you want to know how to make tea, tie a tie, make your bed? All these and more can be found online. It has become even easier where simple concepts in the Sciences, Math and Literature are  accessible online. You can get to understand the concept of levers and pulleys just by using a handheld device. You will even see videos of how plants grow and produce fruits. Worried how you can divide decimals? You only need to google the concept. Learning about land formation is no longer technical as the whole process is explained on online platforms.

Students at the Story Moja Festival, held this year, were able to acknowledge how privileged they are to grow up in a digital generation. A generation where ignorance would be considered to be unwise, they were encouraged to use the online platforms wisely.

We did a training and blogging at the festival which was facilitated by Wanjiru Kihusa of Still A Mum blog. The main focus was highlighting the need and use of blogging to educate, inspire and even entertain. The students got to learn about micro-blogging where they can use the most commonly used platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to write and share stories.

Teenagers today like being in the know. Therefore, writing long messages may seem daunting to them. Nevertheless, they were advised to be agents of change by posting content that is uplifting and educative as well. The theme of this year’s festival being Black Peace, they were also encouraged to be agents of peace since the country also belongs to them.

Students were stimulated to write about what they are interested in when they get to start blogging. Knowing one’s target audience is also important as one can be able to gauge the content to write on and thus amass traffic to their sites.

Students were very curious to know how to blogging can be a career one can earn a living from. One of this ways is advertising. This is where companies can approach bloggers or vis versa and request for a banner to appear on the blogging site. This would require a blogger to have a huge audience which the corporate brand can justify as reasonable cause to have a banner on the particular site.

With the rise of new technology, tomorrows bloggers are able to know how and why blogs are important in the society and the impact they can have to the people. Mainstream media such as television, radio and newspapers do not offer all the information today about particular subjects and blogging can fill this gap.