In this age of social media, sharing events, memories and thoughts have become part of us. It’s like the air we breathe for some people while in others, it is downright annoying. Social media users do not realize the danger they get themselves into when they put some posts online. Most take it literally when Facebook asks, ‘What is on your mind?’, and then proceed to post such personal information that leaves nothing to the imagination.

To prevent that, here is a checklist of stuff that you should NEVER post on Facebook:

Clues to passwords and financial safety

The route to unbreakable digital security is not putting up posts that could hint to your passwords. If you do, hackers might use them to gain access to your accounts and use it to cause you harm. Ensure that you do not post unnecessarily the names of your pets, child hood friends and boyfriends, all information that can be used against you.

Also, with identity theft rampant in the internet, people can use your password to gain access to your hard-earned cash. Ensure that you have an unbreakable password with characters that include alphanumeric and symbols.

Information about your location and travel plans

Do not post on social media your address, or if you are planning to be away on vacation. Robbers can decide to come to your house and steal from you when you are away. It also puts a target on your back from stalkers to find you if you tell them where exactly you are.

Too much personal information [TMI]

I know that social media is for sharing stuff but telling us what you ate for breakfast, boasting about your vacation plans and posting about your good fortune is downright annoying. If you must post, do it in a humble way, and not make your Facebook friends envious of you.

Complaints about your job

As you know, most companies have connections with each other. Do not ever troll your previous employer on social media. Chances are wherever you are applying to, someone knows him/her. Also, your potential employers can access your posts. The internet never forgets and chances are your digital footprints will be on display. So, it you troll your previous employer on Facebook, what are the odds that your potential employer will hire you? None!

Another people’s news

It is understandable that sometimes you are excited to share the good news. When it comes to other people’s news, it is advisable to steal their thunder. You should not share other people’s news before they have a chance to share it. Be considerate and let them share their news before you can share it online.

Politically charged comments

It is never a good idea to post politically, religiously or racially motivated posts. Such can fuel hate online. Instead, share articles that reflect your sentiments without necessarily speaking out of tone or posting comments that can be taken out of context.

Funeral photos

Funerals are times when people mourn the death of their loved ones. Be careful when sharing these special moments with the world. some people in social media find these posts uncomfortable and after all, posting then won’t make your pain any much lesser.

Nude photos of you or others

It is okay waking up feeling like Avril, Rihanna or Beyoncé but, those nude pictures, keep them to yourself.

Always be careful of what you put on the internet because the internet never forgets. keep your personal lives to yourselves and just share materials worth sharing.

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