Social Media marketing is a great way to promote your blog as well as become a very resourceful influencer. Most people are online today, more so on social media popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp. Therefore, these are some very great platforms to use to get an audience on your blog or website, be it a business related or personal.

Social Media is also an amazing platform to engage with the online community who can be able to help you grow as well as learn. You will ultimately know how to better engage on social media to what you can do to better on your platforms as well as your website and be able to distinguish the audience that follows your brand.

However, before you are able to use social media to brand yourself, you will need to gain presence. Social media marketing works only if you have loyal fans and followers. Remember, you can never have too many likes or followers.

Here are tips to assist you to increase your social media presence.

  1. Post great content

Don’t assume posting anything on social media works. An example is posting that blurry image, or that poorly unedited and written content on a daily basis for one year without showing any growth. Your followers, if you have any, will definitely get uninterested. When you post great content and show growth in every single post, your few loyal followers or fans will help you grow. They will share your content across their platforms hence increasing your audience.

You don’t have to be perfect. Professionals were once amateurs. You only need to be persistent. Work with what you have while you also work with how to better your content in the process.

  1. Write a professional bio

Did you know this is important? Most of us ignore this bit. People want to know who you are, what you do and whether they can relate to your brand. Therefore, write a bio that will attract and grow your fan base. Don’t be vague. Be open but don’t share anything that will be deemed unnecessary.

  1. Use hashtags

Hashtags should be part of your social media life, especially on Twitter and Instagram. Use online tools that can filter out good hashtags to use such as CrowdFire.

  1. Place All Social Media link Icons on your blog/ Website

This is very important. To direct people who read your blog to your social media platforms, it’s very crucial to have links that direct your blog audience to these platforms and increase growth and presence on Social Media.

  1. Engage with others on the social platforms

You can have many followers and likes, but do you engage with them. Engaging means answering queries, starting or joining conversations such as Twitter chats as well as saying Thank you when your following numbers grow. Be engaging, don’t be a silent social media user. Your following grows when you can be able to relate to your audience at a personal level and not seem like just a face and not a person

  1. Make sure your content is shareable

This applies to all platforms from blogging and social media. Your website audience should be able to share content on their platforms. You can do this by having a share button. On social media, this differs for all platforms. For example, with 140 characters on twitter, make sure what you post is easy to understand hence becoming easy to retweet.

  1. Share other people’s content

This is very vital and you won’t seem like a very mean person. Don’t expect your content to be shared if you don’t recognize other people. The more you give the more you will also get.

  1. Reach out to influencers

Look for other like-minded people and reach out to them. They could help you grow your brand especially if they have a large following.

  1. Stay active

Be consistent as well. Have a plan for all your social media platforms. If it’s two posts a day, stick with it. Do not only show up on social media only when you need something.

  1. Follow other users

Remember, you are not a celebrity or a celebrity’s child. You don’t have the capability to gain followership just because you are famous. You have to start from where you are at and this is by following other users.

All of this data when applied will help you, reach more people, convert more people to your content or site and get more social shares and authority.

Where will you start?

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